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Why will i buy something which…
1. Uses a 50 year old technology…
2. Does not have a fuel efficiency of 100 KMPL, but have an avg of 35-40 kmpl(?)
3. Does not go beyond 110 kmph?

Going back to Circa 1985, i was a school boy sitting in the pillion, with my dad in a bike which had two silencers. yup, The Road King YEZDI (called as JAVA as well) was my dads bike and i used to travel 12 kms a day, to reach school and back home. Those were the days, which thought me the hell a lot of things, to quote a few, the confidence, compatibility and adjusting to things, the traffic sense, all embedded by my middle class agriculturist dad, (who studied only 3rd class) into the small minds of mine. I’m sure, very few of us got an opportunity, to live in a village and study in a town, traveling with dad, on village roads, with agricultural lands on both the sides.

But, after my primary schooling, got hold of a HERO cycle, to commute those 12 kms everyday, with a set of people. Then, there was a sea change in life, when i moved to a closed circuit hostel life for my higher secondary schooling and an engineering degree. Then some work life, again back in college for an MBA degree, now work in advertising, i have used / using varied modes of transportation, and unfortunately, all these are not matching with my childhood ride on the JAVA.

OK.. Lets come to the objective of this write up.
I wanna have a Bullet. Though, i have not done any major research on the models, have checked with few of my friends, who are the pride owners of BULLETS. Few suggested me a THUNDERBIRD, few an ELECTRA 4S and few others the conventional ELECTRA 5S. These guys claim, every single model of Bullet got its own personality. Keeping this in mind, went to Teknik Motors on CMH Road, one of the dealers of Royal Enfield in Bangalore. It was a surprise shock, that you have to wait for 3-4 months to receive a Thunderbird and 7-10 days for an Electra 5S.

Hmm.. Im ready to wait. But… Why am i planning to buy?

Few thoughts here…
a. Is it… cos of the metal embossed ’’Royal Enfield’’ logo on tank stands out and proclaims the rich heritage…?
b. Is it cos of the same old Charm and Personality with Tecnological advances…?
c. Is it the Same Looks and Quality for years together…?
OR… All the ABOVE.?

YUP… With all these mentioned points… “I wanna take my dad, a ride on the same old village road, with the agricultural lands on both the sides”. Royal Enfield is proving again and again, that there is something more about bikes than engines and nuts and bolts. While an average Indian customer will still go for a highly fuel efficient bike, Lemme be a part of a growing legion of people who value a bike in terms of satisfaction, performance and pride of owning one.

Share your thoughts and comments.
~ peevee.

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Its a generel practise to have a group photo at the end of every BWS shoot, be it inside the city or any out station venues. This was just to familiarise members to all the new members, after the shoot. This was shot by Lijo (Heaven or Earth), when we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of BWS at Cubbon Park.

Off late, we started shooting some jump pictures at every out station venue. Though it was FUN initially, it has become a serious business, people looking for some jump shoot everytime and i was the VICTIM(?) many a times, posing for fellow shutterbugs. I enjoyed all my moments jumping.. posing for all… And, to confess, few a times, made fellow shutterbugs to jump for me.

Here are few frames where i was the model…
For Sowmya…

For Yogesh…

For Lighttripper…

For Arul..

And few of the moments, where i made others pose for me.
Mayank for me..
jump on me...

Ayan for me..

Sow for me..

Today, there was a sweet surprise, when i was awarded(?) “World Jump Photography Specialist” by Vinboy, though for FUN, it made me look for all my jumping frames and share with you all.

Share your Comments… and Thoughts…
~ peevee.

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Top 10 for 1st April… from Flickr Circuit…
1. Raghu and Subash stopped shooting HDRs.
2. Ayashok stopped processing his pictures.
3. Akshath stopped visiting strobist.com.
4. Sowmya stopped posing for aki.
5. Yogesh stopped cribbing about him working on Saturdays.
6. Sharanya stopped shooting selfies.
7. Sunil started shooting only people.
8. Sabir sold all his film cameras.
9. Anita started spending all her weekends in Bangalore city itself.
10. Peevee started going to his hometown every weekend.

Wanna add more?
Please share as your comments.


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