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We were on an office outing to BR Hills, last weekend and stayed in Jungle Lodges, K.Gudi. This is the first time experience for me to stay inside a jungle, inhaling fresh air and listening to all strange sounds of birds, animals (read monkeys) and other insects. Thanks to the team, especially Sandeep, for choosing this place for a weekend outing.

The trip was a very short sweet trip with 24 actual hrs in the jungle zone, spreading across 2 days. The schedule is like…
Day1: Leave Bangalore by 7am, Check in the lodges at 12.00noon, freshen up, lunch, a mini walk, a jeep safari till evening, tea, a wild life movie show, dinner, campfire(not in rainy season), sleep.
Day2: Bed coffee, a guided trek, breakfast, elephant ride, relax, check out at 12.00 noon, reach Bangalore by 6.00pm.

We 10, in total, boarded 2 open jeeps, 8 of us in one and 2 others in the other jeep, headed towards the animal habitat zones of BR Hills. After 30 minutes of drive into the forest, yes, we got to see an Indian Leopard, happily sitting on the tree, and staring at us, crossing. The experienced/trained forest driver Mr. Kumar, spotted it from a distance of at least 100 metres.

We started clicking pictures, Shivu, shooting at 6.5frames/sec with his 300mm lens, mounted on Canon D40, Sarah with her 55mm on Canon 350D, and Saravanan, with my Nikon D80 at 135mm. It was a scene for a minute and half, and when kumar started announcing through on his walkie-talkie, about this leopard, two other jeeps came in to the spot, and thats too late, as the leopard, already moved out of the place, into the deep forest zone. Though, the men, women and children in the other jeeps felt bad that they could not see the leopard in wild, shivu’s picture served them the purpose.
Here is a picture, from my D80. (a cropped version)
leopard (by peevee@ds)

Ok.. now to finer details…
Is spotting a leopard in wild, a big thing? Was that a great thing, achieved?
Guess, for most of us, YES…

But, at least for me.. a BIG NO. Its just like an other creature, roaming in the forest. I know, how it is, thanks to my LKG books (hmm… I read L for Leopard) and believe, there is nothing great, at least for now. Probably, over a period of time, my thoughts may change, when its extinct (hope this doesn’t happen) on earth. The particular moment, when we were looking at the Leopard, i was reminded of Suruchi and the discussion, we had in IIMB on wildlife photography, when she said, she spotted a leopard in Bandipur.

Fine prints…
The Indian leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) is a leopard subspecies native to the Indian subcontinent. Despite being the most widespread cat, the Indian leopard has faced several types of threats. The animal shares its habitat with other predators, which include Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, bears, wolves, hyenas, and wild dogs. Leopards are in danger. As many as 226 of them could have been killed last year alone. The last leopard count — in 1997 — had put their number at 7,273.

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I have never thought, i will get such a great gift for an anniversary, this year.

Just can’t forget 16th May 2005, thats the day I joined Akshara Advertising, Chennai. It was not an easy task then, to get into Advertising, that to as a fresher after an MBA in Marketing (Special thanks to my professor Dr.Uma Chandrashekaran, for literally nurturing me at the Campus).

Yes, Akshara was one of the two companies, i applied for a job and attended interviews. Though i had some tough time during my initial days, and in fact, made so many phone calls to Mr.Anand Siva, then Vice President, Akshara Advertising, for an offer letter and joining date, I’m thankful to Akshara and Anand in specific, for all the learnings in the last three years.

Ok.. now to the business. It was an awesome third anniversary day with Akshara on the 16th of May 2008. Shivu (a designer, a photographer, colleague) and I were asked to capture the traditional moments of Kochi for a client. Though, none of my colleagues know about my third anniversary day, it was just a coincidence, an all paid trip to Kochi for 2 days. I’m sure, an anniversary day, can never be better than this with the experience and exposure at Kochi.

Few pictures from trip…
cheena vala (by peevee@ds)
house... boat.. (by peevee@ds)

Thanks in advance for the wishes.

~ peevee.

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I always prefer to go to office early on all Monday mornings, the reasons being…
1. Better NOT to be Late to office after weekend.
2. Avoid frikking traffic on the Bangalore Roads.

My office is on the Eastern End of the Residency Road, next to Ballal Residency Hotel / opposite to the Old dilapidated Opera Theatre, pretty close to the Residency Road x Brigade Road Junction. I live on the 100ft Road of IndiraNagar and take a shortest route to reach MG Road, by avoiding all these main roads and signals.

MG Road is the TRAFFIC HELL in Bangalore and in the recent days, its worst cos of the Bangalore Metro Project. Guys, its hard to believe, MG Road is a small stretch of 2200 metres, but got 6 traffic signals between Trinity Circle and Cubbon Park.

Ok.. Lemme come to the point..
This Monday Morning, I was waiting in the Trinity Circle Signal, on RED, eagerly waiting for GREEN. A set of people on bikes, already breaking the signal rules and crossing the road. I was waiting. Few cars overtook me. I was waiting. Some more auto drivers crossed me. I was still waiting. Every single body was looking at me, like looking a CULPRIT / MOST Wanted TERRORIST, just because i was waiting for a GREEN signal. Though, I enjoyed the pride moment waiting there for the last 40 seconds of RED, but felt very bad for that set of people.

Ok.. Why are these Road Rules and Signals? Made for ourselves? or for the GODS? When you can wait in a railway queue or a theatre queue, hours together to book a ticket, why cant wait for few more seconds in a signal?

Look at this pathetic scene on the 100ft road, Indiranagar.

Think. Action.

~ peevee.

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Taking this platform to write some interesting.. nostalgic moments, incidents / accidents, happened in my life… from my childhood days till date. I’m kinda sure, it will be interesting for you guys too to know or understand me better. If not, its all for ME, to have a break with those sweet memories.

Ok.. Straight to my LKG days.
I was 2 and half years old and I just cant believe i was put up in 3 schools to study LKG. Though our village “Thennamadevimedu” was one of the smallest villages those days, with less than 100 families, we HAD an English Medium School named “Bharath English School”. The one and only teacher (guess her name is “Gandhimadhi” and we call her “Gandhi Miss”.) used to travel 6kms to teach us from Villupuram town.

I Don’t know why they have closed that school, which made me move to another school, again in a village called “Ayinampalayam”. i just don’t remember, anything pertaining to this school and “Narayan’s Primary School” at Villupuram town was my next landing point. My Dad and Mom, must have thought, that as a good place to study, for one single reason, the school was owned and run by a Brahmin Couple, Narayanaswamy Iyer and Vishalakshi.

I was not aware when i was put in there, that, Narayan’s is gonna be my place for the next 12 yrs of my Life. YUP, i studied there till my 10th Class. Lot of sweeeeeeeeeeeet memories to share from that part of my Life…

Will Write… Till then.. WAIT. 🙂

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I’m clicking pictures at least for 2 years now.. Its still a hobby and always wanted to experiment the Studio Lights and technicalities involved. Just calling this form of photography, an applied photography, as most of these studio pictures were framed in minds of Creative Directors of advertising agencies or the Clients and the photographer’s job was to apply the technicalities and provide the solution, as required.

Thought I’m more, a people photographer, interested in documentation and street life, today went to a studio to do some pictures under controlled light conditions. Thanks to Raghu(Redbull) / Manish for organising this successful shoot and special thanks to Ram/Yogesh/Arul as well, for joining us.

We hired the studio for the whole day, reached the place 10.30am and it took half an hour more to settle down. As usual we started with my face in the frame (guess.. these guys wont stop experimenting with monkeys first) posing for some portraits.. then, Manish and Raghu sitting as models. The Studio was equipped with three colored screens (red/green and black) apart from the white wall, and five different light sources, including the one hanging from top.

We spent most of our time in the first half of the day, understanding the lights and types of light sources. Then, some time clicking frames with varied color backgrounds and changing the position of lights. it was FUN, when Arul, raghu, manish and I, shooting some portraits with a 50mm and Ram with his 10-20mm, doing some craziest/weird close ups. I wont say, we wasted time doing that, but, it was a great learning experience. Deepika joined us, just a while, before lunch time and we escaped to Upahara Dharshan for Lunch.

ram (by peevee@ds)

The second half was very productive, when we got a plan in place and decided what we wanted to achieve. Thanks to our lighting assistant Raghu (this Raghu is working in the studio) for his valuable suggestions and support. We did some more portraits and group shots with spot lighting etc, before we take up the product shoot.

Canon 40D (by peevee@ds)

Arul came with a wine glass and a miniature metal car. Incidentally, it helped us to do some “Dont Drink and Drive” pics with all crazy light settings. Raghu’s D70s and Rams brand new 40D were our next set of products, which gave us some confidence, when we all loved the “Camera” frames on the LCD screen. We spoke some Gyan and clicked some More Portraits, before we shook hands and said BYE.

Drink - Drive? (by peevee@ds)

Overall, it was a great learning experience, in fact a different type of learning. I must confess, it doesnt INTEREST me, as much as STREET LIFE does. But, every form of photography has got its own Pros and Cons. So NO ARGUMENTS. NO BANDHS and NO THROWING STONES. I’m sure I wanna do couple of more sessions with the Studio Lights at least to have a feel of IT.

Thanks again team for making it HAPPEN. Share your thoughts. More pictures…

~ peevee.

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