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1857 is a very important year in the History of Indian Independence. You may ask me, why I’m going back to the Indian History, that too 150 years back. Thanks to Photographic Society of Madras, which just made me think of year 1857, by organising an All India Photography Salon, celebrating 150 years of their existence in India.

In turn, i got an opportunity to think, google, ctrl+c ctrl+v, content, news, events, deaths and births of 1857.

Here goes my list of 10 interesting/important things happened in 1857.
1.Indian rebellion of 1857: Indian combatants capture Delhi from the East India Company.
1a. Photography Society of Madras founded.
2.University of Bombay/Calcutta, Madras and San Jose established.
3.The National Deaf Mute College (later renamed Gallaudet University) is established in Washington, DC, becoming the first school for the advanced education of the deaf.
4.Queen Victoria chooses Ottawa, Ontario as the capital of Canada
5.Founding of Hollywood
6.Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan kills over 100,000.
7.1st perforated US postage stamps delivered to US govt
8.Typesetting machine patent
9.The world’s first commercial passenger elevator (Elisha Otis) is installed in the five-story New York china-and-glass emporium at 488 Broadway, northeast corner Broome Street.
10.The excavation of the tunnels for the London Underground railroad (subway) starts, using a method of iron casings.

Hope you will find it interesting too.
And.. would love to see more facts and figures… as comments…


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Can i call myself as a great victim for the fuel hike?
Even if you say NO… Lemme call myself a victim.

It all started in May, when we started planning for a trip to Gujarat and Rajasthan in August 2008. After discussing with fellow photographers of Ahmedabad and few shutterbugs from Bangalore, we decided to explore only Rajasthan in a span of 11 full days (August 14th to August 24th, convincingly planned to combine the Independence day holidays).

Guess, it was 6th June, i got my flight tickets booked for both ways of journey (Rs.8900 per head for a return trip to Jaipur). Thanks to Spicejet and we even called them our Official carrier for the trip then. But, when, the news on fuel hike came in the mid of 2nd week, Spicejet happily canceled their flights and left us in trouble, without even informing us. I called them, when i find no flight in the list, they agreed to pay 100% money back.

We don’t wanna cancel the trip, just becos, Spicejet canceled the flights, and this time, we got Jet lite and Indigo to help us out. Though this exercise of re booking the tickets cost me Rs.3000 extra per head, we went on and booked the tickets. Thanks to Arul for accepting this time too.. to go with a re booking and visit Rajasthan.

On June 24th, there was an another shock, when Jet lite canceled the flight and scheduled for different time, with a price hike of Rs.3000. I seriously don’t know, what to call this now, my fate, my bad luck?

As a last try, I re booked ticket again with an Indigo flight, and advanced my trip by a week (This time, its 7th August to 17th August 2008). Thanks Arul, again, for the support this time too.

Now, with fingers crossed, I’m waiting for something good to happen. If at all, if our INDIGOites Cancel or Reschedule the flights or Increase the price further, I will be GAME for a TEN DAYS TRIP in KARNATAKA or TAMILNADU. And, will call all these Air Travel as HAIR Travel.

Hope you guys are not praying for a cancellation or a price hike. 🙂 If you happen to be a victim, of any of this sort, please let me know. I need a company too.

~ peevee.

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