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In spite of the Recession.. I purchased some books for my collection. These purchases happened in the last 30-40 days and I’m feeling good about these books, which are mostly related to photography and advertising.
From Odyssey
1. Sanctuary by Steve McCurry – book on The Temples of Angkor
2. Monsoon by Steve McCurry – book on Monsoon In Indian Subcontinent
3. The Asia Book – a lonely planet’s edition on Asia.
4. BBC India with Sanjeeb Bhaskar – The story of India by an Indian
5. Unseen Kerala as shown by Salim Pushpanath – nice image collection from Kerala
6. Calcutta by Leena Kejriwal – Repossessing the City.
7. Kite Eye’s View India by Nicolas Chorier – Between Earth and Sky.

From Reliance Timeout
8. Stark World’s Kerala – Complete HEFTY Guide to Kerala.
9. Major Disasters of the World – Photo Stories from the world.

From Crossword
10. Biography of RK Swamy, a fellow Tamilian and Founder of RK Swamy Advertising.

From Bengaluru Habba
11. Bengaluru Mandis by BPC – a collection of frames by fellow shutterbugs of Bangalore.

When you find time, you can come home and check them.
For sure, I’m not lending any of these books. 🙂

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“Indian Cricket team was not attacked, when they toured Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan team was shot, when they were in Pak.
That’s the difference between FREEDOM STRUGGLE and TERRORISM“.

Though its a funny forward message… This made a lot of sense to me.
So sharing here.. Wat do you feel?

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I wanted to write about this bit and time didn’t permit me to do so. There was a forward message, which said “India media is in the hands of all Foreign promoters”, be it Bennett & Coleman or the Times. I thought So WHAT?

But, In the current scenario, one can see the (ill) effects.
This media
1. Reported American elections as the MOTHER of all elections.
2. Showed OBAMA taking Oath for 2 hrs… Every single TV relayed live.
3. Ran Shows On SLUMDOG everyday.
4. Created a major scene on Muthalik Issue.
5. Interviews BOLLYWOOD, TOLLYWOOD and all woods possible, with discussions on size zero.
6. Forgot SATYAM SAGA and hot cake now is MK Gandhi.

Anyways my concern goes this way..
1. Why din’t they live Chandraayan when we launched from Sriharikotta? Except for DD none did it?
2. Why din’t they showcase the issues in Srilanka, where 100s dieing every other day?
3. Why don’t they forget Bollywood and other entertainment and concentrate to help find solutions for some serious issues?
4. Why don’t they be Neutral?
so.. there are so many “why don’ts” like this in my mind….
Hoping to see something better in the future.

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