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Moonshine and Skytoffee is the first play, i watched at Rangashankara.
Though Rangashankara, is a part of Bangalore’s theatrescape for so long now, i had an opportunity to visit only now. Thanks to Vinoo, who spoke to me about Perch’s play at Rangashankara last week. The other motivation factors which drived me to Rangashankara was the Chennai Gang Perch and one of the artists Jagan (Vandu Sindu of Vijay TV Fame).

With the help of Sneha Kar (guided me with the route), I reached Rangashankara well in advance. RS is a beautiful place with a nice theater space, a bookstore, a cafe and nice verandas/corridors with photo frames everywhere to walk around. They had three bells ringing one 15 mins before the play, other 5 mins before the play and the last bell at the start of the play.

The set for the play was simple and looked awesome with
1. a tea shop
2. a wooden bench
3. A tall stool, which served as a door
4. A car tire hanging, which served as a window.
5. 2 mats.

Sainaba, one of the 5 characters, came first to the stage, followed by Ottakannan pokar, Kesavan Nair, Mandan Muthapa and then Saramma. I enjoyed the whole lot of fun, the timing sense and the dialogue delivery by the team, especially by Mandan Muthapa, who brought in economical recession to the scene. The way the props were used were just amazing, few to list here… Saramma peeping through the tire window, Kesavan Nair showing how he will suicide by going up the tall stool, the bunch of banana hanging. Just Cool.

A Mini Trailer here
Moonshine and Skytoffee, is an amalgamation of two of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s stories, ‘The love Letter’ and ‘The Card-sharper’s Daughter’. Both explore love in unlikely circumstances. ‘The Love Letter’ is about the love of Kesavan Nayar, a Hindu, for his landlord’s daughter Saramma, a Christian. ‘The Card-sharper’s Daughter’ is about the unlikely love that develops between Sainaba, the daughter of a card-sharper Ottakannan Poker, and a loveable rogue, Mandan Muthapa, a pickpocket. How these two couples come together in the face great odds forms the gist of this story. Both these love stories play themselves out with unexpected twists and turns, all laced with Basheer’s sparkling with and irrepressible humor.

A must watch play… But.. now, its not possible in Bangalore, as yesterday was the last day. I’m eager to watch the play “Sangathi Arinhyo?” by the same team today. 🙂

About Rangashankara:
Ranga Shankara is a world-class theatre facility in Bangalore, India. The most affordable theatre space in India today, Ranga Shankara is dedicated to showcasing theatrical performances from India and abroad, to producing and commissioning new and innovative theatre forms and productions, and facilitating outreach programmes to build audiences for theatre and to impart theatre skills.
More at… http://www.rangashankara.org/

About Perch:
Perch is a performance collective based in Chennai, formed by enthusiasts who want to push the ‘creative’ envelope using space, theatre, film, music, art and various forms of expression…
More at… http://www.perch.co.in/

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UPDATED SCHEDULE for World Heritage Day – Saturday, 18th April
To celebrate World Heritage Day, (UNESCO Day for Monuments and Sites ) we’ve lined up some events and activities that connect you to the city’s diverse and layered heritage.

7am to 9am – Bandstands at Lalbagh and Cubbon Park – A photo exhibition that captures some images of our city through the eyes of the Bangalore Weekend Shoots (BWS) photographers.

8.30 am to 11am – INTACH Parichay, walk in Kannada led by eminent historian Dr SK Aruni through the Fort precinct.
Start point: Tipu Summer Palace at 8.30am
Register ahead with Meera – 99860 23014.

10.30 am until 7.30pm – Bengaluru Fort – The photo exhibit moves to this historic site.

3 pm to 5pm – Bangalore City Project (BCP) Heritage Hunt at Gavipuram, Malleswaram and Whitefield. For more details, contact Krupa – 99721 14110

5.30 pm to 7.30pm – Bengaluru Fort – A cultural evening hosted by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI ) and INTACH, Bangalore. The event begins with a talk by Mr Vikram Sampath, author of Splendours of Royal Mysore followed by a programme of light music by Mr Vijay Havanur and the release of a set of heritage postcards created for INTACH Bangalore by BWS.

For Passes to the event, contact Pankaj – 93421 35215

A heritage quiz runs through the day on Radio One. Winners – decided by the radio channel – take home specially designed city souvenirs.

NOTE: The events are organized and supported by The Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI); Department of Kannada and Culture, Govt of Karnataka; Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP); Bangalore Weekend Shoots; Bangalore City Project; Max Mueller Bhavan; UDBHAVA Forum; ABIDe and the Bangalore Chapter of INTACH.

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What a thought man…
This was taken from a gmail status message of a friend.
“Becoming a photographer is like becoming a prostitute, first you do it for fun, then for friends, then for money.”

You have freedom to share your views. Thanks.

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April 18th is World Heritage Day, a day to celebrate the diversity of the world’s cultural heritage and to raise public awareness about the efforts needed to protect it. As part of the many events lined up to mark this special day, Intach, Bangalore Chapter, invites you to a Parichay to the Bangalore Fort and its vicinity. This event will be held in Kannada.

The Bangalore fort goes back to Kempe Gowda’s times and has played a central role in our city’s history, being the focus of a pivotal battle in 1791. Apart from the Fort, the Parichay will cover several other historic monuments in the vicinity, including Tipu’s Palace, Jalakanteshwara temple, Kote Venkataramanaswamy temple and Tipu’s armoury.

Our Parichay will be led by Dr SK Aruni, Assistant Director of the Southern Regional Centre of the Indian Council of Historical Research. He has recently authored a book on on Kempe Gowda, and is an authority on Bangalore’s history.

We will meet at the Tipu Palace at 8:30 am on Saturday, 18th April. We expect the Parichay to end at about 11:00 am. Seats are limited for this event. Please call Meera (99860 23014) to register in advance.

Intach, Bangalore Chapter

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Read this somewhere… Nice thought… Like it.. so sharing.. 🙂

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.

Share your views, if you like it as well.

EDIT: I googled to find.. Here is the link which takes you to few Robert Orben Quotes.

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READ the last paragraph first…. and then read the below text and the article.
Yes.. this outgoing Professor turned politician was appreciated by the people of Pondicherry and his party PMK as well for all services offered by him in the last five years. He was given the seat again to contest in the elections once more from Pondicherry. I’m sure, this time congress will give a tough competition, still, the answers are with the people of Pondicherry. I wish him all the BEST.

Thanks Professor. All the Best.
Here is the article from expressbuzz.

MP who submits himself for examination every year
Ever heard of an Indian MP submitting an annual self-appraisal report to the people of his constituency?

Meet 59-year-old M. Ramadass of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), a doctorate in economics and an economics professor-turned politician who is charting a new course in politics. He is the only member in the outgoing Lok Sabha and perhaps the first Indian MP to submit to the people of Puducherry an annual report of his activities as their representative.

Asked if the concept was borrowed from his academic field, the first generation politician told IANS: “I felt it is my duty to give an account of my activities to the people. I want to be accountable to my people.” His annual reports contain the welfare schemes and various projects brought to Puducherry by him, debates in which he participated in the Lok Sabha, his attendance in parliament, the utilisation of the MP Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) and the protests and even social events in which he took part.

By his own admission, Ramadass, who hails from a fishermen community, has taken part in 151 parliament debates, raised 380 questions and has scored 94 percent attendance.

According to a study by PRS Legislative Research, an independent research initiative, nearly 60 MPs including former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda and actor-politicians Dharmendra and Govinda did not ask a single question in the 14th Lok Sabha. Sixty-seven MPs asked 10 or fewer questions.

Admirers of Ramadass say he was instrumental in bringing to Puducherry the Rs.330 million Karaikal port project, improving rail connectivity, and expanding railway reservation counters at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. “Our MP was instrumental in the conduct of local body elections in Puducherry after a four-decade gap. He was also instrumental in devolution of powers to the local bodies,” said one PMK worker.

Ramadass is also credited with elevating Puducherry’s classification to that of New Delhi — so that the house rent allowance (HRA) for government employees goes up. As to the utilisation of funds under the MPLADS, against his entitlement of Rs.100 million (Rs.10 crore) for five years, Ramadass issued work orders for Rs.125 (Rs.12.5 crore). “I have effectively used the unspent money of my predecessor. My focus is on improving the basic amenities for the people,” he said.

Way back in 1986 Ramadass was in the limelight for a brief period when he won the National Prize for the best suggestions on the making of the Indian budget. It was PMK founder S. Ramadoss who convinced him to join politics. “Our leader wanted educated people to enter politics. My wife was very apprehensive about my entering politics, from being the registrar of Pondicherry University. A lot of cajoling had to be done,” he recalled.

In 2004, Ramadass was elected to the Lok Sabha, securing 241,653 votes (49.95 percent), defeating the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate who got 171,472 votes (35.65 percent). Today his services are utilised by the PMK, which submits alternative budgets for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, and also for preparing the party’s election manifesto. As an academician he has guided seven Ph.Ds, 40 M.Phils and 15 M.S. theses. He has also authored five books and has 45 research papers to his credit.

At a time when even small-level politicians speed around the cities in big fuel guzzling utility vehicles, Ramadass is satisfied with his old Tata Indica car. He is confident of not only getting the party’s nod to contest again from Puducherry but also of winning. His annual reports, he knows, have won the hearts of his voters.

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Over the last couple of weeks, i was spending sometime to watch the “BBC documentary, The Story of India by Micheal Wood”.

Though Micheal Wood quoted in the documentary, “the story of 1000s of years cannot be shown in 6hrs and one cannot do justice to the story”, Wood and his team did a pretty decent job in terms of the research, shoot-edits and the execution over 6 episodes of an hour each.

The story goes back to million years back, when the first man migrated to India, and shows people from a village found with “First set of DNAs on Earth” and ends with the current IT Indian situation.

The episodes goes like this….
1. The Beginnings
2. The Power of Ideas
3. Spice Routes and Silk Roads
4. Ages of Gold
5. The Meeting of two Oceans
6. Freedom

The story was shot in India over 18 months and they spent close to six months to edit and present through BBC. I loved the way this story was shot and presented by this great historian Micheal Wood. It is very informative and neat. They have used music by Rahman and few other Indian musicians and voices of very familiar names of Indian Music. THE MUST WATCH VIDEO.

A Jist of the documentary can be seen here..

Share your comments too, after watching the complete 6 hrs documentary.

NOTE: Micheal Wood named her daughters, Minakshi and Jyothi. But don’t know the reason behind. 🙂

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Happened to watch this nice commercial online for the IPL season 2. I Love it.
Rest for you to enjoy.

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