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I must confess here… There are so many things running inside my gray cells on shooting this event today, non other than the Bangalore Fashion Week. Guess its an opportunity for me to shoot and experience the whole event as well…

Here are things straight from my mind…
What will i carry? A body? Which lenses? Flash? Tripod?…. Where will i get to stand? near? far?… How will i shoot if low light?…. What am i gonna do after that? will it be a learning?… Models… celebrities… already happy to think about them.

May be i will press the pause button here, and keep you guys waiting with me for few more hours and i can take you through a fashion show, if everything goes well.. :). LOL.

Few images here..

busy patching up

a view through

More at..peeveeads

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As always.. this year too… the Advertisement War started at Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai. Saravana Stores is hosting 4 models, when Jayachandran textiles fighting with 2 single movie heroines. Chennai silks went ahead with Radhika Sararth kumar, when Kumaran, Nalli and pothys too fighting for their share with personalities.

This year too SriDelvi textiles of Coimbatore is giving a tough fight with some great dance ad. :). So… for every AADI THALLUPADI (end of season sale in Tamil) Sale, these above said names, end with same format/type of ads.

For them, an ad for the AADI sale is
1. Minimum 2 Pretty girls on the frame and
2. Interesting song and dance with rich colors.

Will share few videos soon. Still searching for the current ones.

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These are the exact words used by shwetha, a good friend of mine when I gave some additional information on Jayalalitha over a discussion yesterday. I was taken aback for half a minute, when these words hit my heart and hurt. But, the point she made was amazing, and i could realise the fact only after taking them to my mind.

Ofcourse, we are social animals, learn things from the society and impart them again in to the society in someway, as a cycle. Great learning for the day, to start the Month. Thanks Shwetha. Im sure, i will be conscious and keep this in mind. :).

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