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quit smoking

Smoking Kills.
Smoking is Injurious to Health.
Smoking Causes Cancer.
Tobacco Smoke can Kill Babies.
Smoking Harms Your Family.
These are few anti tobacco messages, i came across.

We all know, it kills, be it active or passive, but, not ready to quit or not ready even to think of quitting.

Instead of banning the products, government talk about Human Rights and allocated 40% space on the box. Instead of quitting, smokers generally talk about kicks and experiences and thrills of smoking.

What can you expect from a non-smoker? Is there any non-smoker?
In fact, i feel there is no NON-SMOKER, as all the men, women and kids on earth are smoking one or the other smokers smoke, passive, with the source of the smoke varying from industries, motorised vehicles and the smoking human.

I have tens of friends who smoke day in and out, especially few cute little friends-girls, who are adamant to quit smoking.
Studies show that the “Tobacco consumption reduced birth weight of the foetus, decreased their gestational age leading to premature babies, increased the risk of still births and heightened chances of anaemia among adult pregnant women”

The latest report from the Tobacco Atlas says, Indian women are among the worst in the world when it comes to smoking. According to the latest Tobacco Atlas, the country ranks third in the top 20 female smoking populations across the globe. Only the US with 2.3 crore female smokers and China with 1.3 crore women smokers are worse off than India in this chart. However, as far as percentage of women smoking is concerned, it is below 20% for India. Among India’s immediate neighbours, only Pakistan figures in this infamous list, but right at the bottom at 20th with around 30 lakh female smokers.

The Atlas said tobacco killed some six million people each year β€” more than a third of whom will die from cancer β€” and drained $500 billion annually from global economies. As 25% of smokers die and many more become ill during their most productive years, income loss devastates families and communities. In 2010, 72% of those who die from tobacco related illnesses would be in low- and middle-income countries.

Anyways… Its Just UP TO YOU. Have FUN QUIT-SMOKING.

The above image was shot in a slum in Ulsoor area. Shown here only for representative purpose.

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Lets Celebrate. Science and Technology had grown up so much in the last 100 years and its still changing the lives on the Mother Earth. One such technology, which showcases the good and bad on earth is the Satellite Imagery. We get to see the aftermaths of Tsunami or the Icebergs of North pole. We get to see the planned cities or the dry plain deserts. We get to learn something and unlearn some from the satellite imagery. In the recent past, thanks to Google earth for providing an opportunity to look at my earth closer.

Now to the main story…..
Satellite technology has come a long way in 50 years. At the 50th anniversary of the first satellite image ever made, Aug. 14, 1959, thanks to AOL for offering a look at some amazing space photography.

This is the first crude picture obtained from Explorer VI Earth satellite. The picture was made when the satellite was about 17,000 miles above the surface of the earth on Aug. 14, 1959. At the time, the satellite was crossing Mexico. It shows a sun-lighted area of the Central Pacific ocean and its cloud cover.

Read more at WIKI

NOTE: This is a thanking note to a good friend of mine, Mercy for sharing some interesting NASA images on her blog.

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Just putting those random thoughts that came to my mind from the time just before i go to bed last night to the time i was in the loo this morning.. πŸ™‚

1. Can’t i live without my mobile phone and laptop with connectivity?
2. Why will i refer wiki or google for my doubts? How will i know, all written in wiki are right?
3. Will i be able to write anything for a friends bday card, without referring internet?
4. Can i speak any language in its pure form without mixing with any other language?
5. How will i stop eating all junk, that i end up eating on the roadsides?
6. Will i be able to cycle to work every day, keeping my bike at home?
7. Facebook? Orkut? Twitter? Flickr? gmail? Am i addicted?
8. Photography? Good or Evil?
9. BWS? BPC? BSB? BPW? BTP? why do we need all these?
10. what happened to peevee, as he is thinking all these?

just thoughts.. nothing serious.

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My first encounter with wiki was 6 years back, when i was in Pondicherry University Campus. It was a nice idea and following the open source Linux way, which is still ruling the internet world and provided an opportunity for technology to grow. I used wiki to check things like cities / towns / states / countries / demographics, all related to my MBA marketing projects. It was fairly useful, as many things mentioned as Citation Required etc.

Then, when i moved to Bangalore, i was compelled to go to wiki for every single information. Wiki is my first point of contact, unless I’m not satisfied with the data provided, to look further into 100s of google search pages.

I feel happy to mention few searches i made here on wiki and was quite happy with things. πŸ™‚
1. Prabhakaran / LTTE
2. TamilNadu population / Tamil Language / Classical
3. KempeGowda / Bangalore / Towers
4. Thigala / Dharmarayaswamy Temple / Karaga Festival
5. Gia / Super model / AIDS
6. Guantanamo Bay detention camp / Bush / Obama / Cuba
7. Ginjee / Fort / Raja Desing
8. Peevee / Photographer /
9. Cauvery Water War / Kannada-Tamil Issues /
10. Rajkumar / Veerappan

Turning to the report i read this morning on siliconindia.com. Change is constant.. But, i dont want this change to happen. Long Live Wiki.

The excerpts of the article is given here..
In the last eight years of its existence, Wikipedia has rapidly become one of the most used reference sources in the world. But a new study, conducted by researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center in California, has shown that Wikipedia’s rise to the top of a large pool of online reference sites may be coming to an end. New study shows that the website’s explosive growth is tailing off and the community-created encyclopaedia has become less welcoming to new contributors.

More at SiliconIndia

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