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I’m one of Happiest persons, to be associated with you guys, as a photographer. You guys ROCK.
After EK, and few Jingles, here is the next step from TAAN SAINTS, this time for the Kannada Rajyotsava.

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In spite of me being a hard core Ilayarajaa fan, i must confess ARR is also close to my heart. The first reason being amazing music, I cant ignore the other reason that he is an Young Tamil Personality. He is inspiring and influenzing music lovers all over the world for the last 15 plus years.

Time magazine has referred to him as the “Mozart of Madras” and several Tamil commentators have coined him the nickname Isai Puyal (Tamil: இசைப் புயல்; English: Music Storm). This year, after Rahman winning the Oscars, TIME magazine placed him in the Time 100 list of ‘World’s Most Influential People’.

Rahman was taking India to the world of music with his amazing numbers, now he is taking Indian Languages abroad. Here are the brand new sound tracks by ARR for Hollywood.. Listen to the songs which are in Indian Languages, song 1 in Hindi, song 2 in Tamil etc. Thanks ARR.

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I like this Ad… Its a simple.. but thought provoking ad.

To share an example, Shankar in Tamil Cinema, generally spends 2-3 years to bring out a movie and i’ve heard about him, for his attention towards the finer details. Someone was telling, he finalises the color of the heroine’s nail polish, style of the bindhi, etc., before going for the shoot.

Good work guys… peeveelovesit.

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Yesterday it was an yet another BIG day for Selvaprakash L. He was one of the awardees of the Robert Bosch Art Grant 2009 for his new work on immigrant employees in Bangalore. Congrats Selva for this feather on your crown.

The main reason behind this post is not the Award for Selva, but, the venue of the event. I must confess that, i was scared when i looked at this space (JAAGA) from outside. It was looking like a tent, but, with lot of steel fittings and light and stage. It was a different SPACE all together, created with lot of creativity. There are 3 vertical levels, all made with steel, mesh and card boards with top and sides covered with tarpaulin and flex prints. I must appreciate Bosch for accepting to use this creative space for the event. Also, have to mention the artists from Attakkalari, for their amazing performance without fear. It was a good day for me as well, as i happen to meet some known faces including Clare Arni and Mrs.Pramila Prasad. We kinda left the place at around 10.00 after dinner.

Few images here….
selva with robert bosch art grant

hope on the wall

on the move

yes its a dance compo

watching wild

Rest.. go to this place.. and check for yourselves. Map

About Jaaga
Jaaga is a shared community space that could be assembled, disassembled and then re-assembled, anytime, anywhere. Jaaga is now a cross-community collaborative experimental effort. Archana Prasad – a visual artist, Freeman Murray – a creative technologist and Naresh Narasimhan – a creative architect, formed a core group towards gathering the resources for Jaaga to become a reality. More

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Lets Celebrate. Science and Technology had grown up so much in the last 100 years and its still changing the lives on the Mother Earth. One such technology, which showcases the good and bad on earth is the Satellite Imagery. We get to see the aftermaths of Tsunami or the Icebergs of North pole. We get to see the planned cities or the dry plain deserts. We get to learn something and unlearn some from the satellite imagery. In the recent past, thanks to Google earth for providing an opportunity to look at my earth closer.

Now to the main story…..
Satellite technology has come a long way in 50 years. At the 50th anniversary of the first satellite image ever made, Aug. 14, 1959, thanks to AOL for offering a look at some amazing space photography.

This is the first crude picture obtained from Explorer VI Earth satellite. The picture was made when the satellite was about 17,000 miles above the surface of the earth on Aug. 14, 1959. At the time, the satellite was crossing Mexico. It shows a sun-lighted area of the Central Pacific ocean and its cloud cover.

Read more at WIKI

NOTE: This is a thanking note to a good friend of mine, Mercy for sharing some interesting NASA images on her blog.

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My first encounter with wiki was 6 years back, when i was in Pondicherry University Campus. It was a nice idea and following the open source Linux way, which is still ruling the internet world and provided an opportunity for technology to grow. I used wiki to check things like cities / towns / states / countries / demographics, all related to my MBA marketing projects. It was fairly useful, as many things mentioned as Citation Required etc.

Then, when i moved to Bangalore, i was compelled to go to wiki for every single information. Wiki is my first point of contact, unless I’m not satisfied with the data provided, to look further into 100s of google search pages.

I feel happy to mention few searches i made here on wiki and was quite happy with things. 🙂
1. Prabhakaran / LTTE
2. TamilNadu population / Tamil Language / Classical
3. KempeGowda / Bangalore / Towers
4. Thigala / Dharmarayaswamy Temple / Karaga Festival
5. Gia / Super model / AIDS
6. Guantanamo Bay detention camp / Bush / Obama / Cuba
7. Ginjee / Fort / Raja Desing
8. Peevee / Photographer /
9. Cauvery Water War / Kannada-Tamil Issues /
10. Rajkumar / Veerappan

Turning to the report i read this morning on siliconindia.com. Change is constant.. But, i dont want this change to happen. Long Live Wiki.

The excerpts of the article is given here..
In the last eight years of its existence, Wikipedia has rapidly become one of the most used reference sources in the world. But a new study, conducted by researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center in California, has shown that Wikipedia’s rise to the top of a large pool of online reference sites may be coming to an end. New study shows that the website’s explosive growth is tailing off and the community-created encyclopaedia has become less welcoming to new contributors.

More at SiliconIndia

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As always.. this year too… the Advertisement War started at Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai. Saravana Stores is hosting 4 models, when Jayachandran textiles fighting with 2 single movie heroines. Chennai silks went ahead with Radhika Sararth kumar, when Kumaran, Nalli and pothys too fighting for their share with personalities.

This year too SriDelvi textiles of Coimbatore is giving a tough fight with some great dance ad. :). So… for every AADI THALLUPADI (end of season sale in Tamil) Sale, these above said names, end with same format/type of ads.

For them, an ad for the AADI sale is
1. Minimum 2 Pretty girls on the frame and
2. Interesting song and dance with rich colors.

Will share few videos soon. Still searching for the current ones.

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It was a sweet surprise for me, when i reached Alliance Francaise on the Thimmaiah Road, Bangalore last Saturday, the 30th May 2009 for the Belly Dance Show. But I had to call the day as a 50-50 day, as 50% happiness for viewing LIVE BELLY DANCE Performance and 50% sad for NO PHOTOGRAPHY.

A gang of 12 girls and kids from Sanaz Dance Studio run by Ms.Sanaz (a journalisim grad from Iran) showcased their talents on the stage. The dancers came in very interesting and different costumes ranging from short tops and long skirts, showing their belly to a fully covered costume with props.

This Belly dance is a Western term for a traditional Arab dance genre known as raqs sharqi (literally “oriental dance”) or sometimes raqs baladi (literally “dance of country”, and so “folk” dance). It is also sometimes called “Middle Eastern Dance” or the “Arabic Dance” in the United States, “danse du ventre”, or by the Turkish term Çiftetelli.

Native to the Middle East, and now popular worldwide, belly dance takes many different regional forms, both in costume and dance style, indicating that distinctive dance moves may have been transported to these regions and incorporated with local dance styles.

Apart from the beautiful performance, the show was very informative. Thanks to the MC for sharing info on why women learn/perform in the middle east, the important reason being keeping herself fit with secondary reason, to keep her man happy. The MC also claimed this dance helps women during her labour periods.

At the end of the session, I was reminded of movie scenes of Mayya Mayya from Guru and Thak Thom Thagathimi Thom from Kaadhal Kavithai. On a whole, it was a different experience watching this traditional dance. Thanks Sanaz. Hoping to document this dance performance sometime soon.

And, if you wish to learn and dance… Reach out to Sanaz at 98 8646 6746/sanaz.bakhtiari@gmail.com
More info Here

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Live from the School.
Indira Gandhi International Academy was started in 1990 IGIA is an non-profit educational and residential institution exclusively for Sri Lankan refugee children. Currently major portion of the funds are provided by Bright Society, their parent NGO.

Lunch from Monday to Saturday is provided by ISKCON (http://www.iskcon.com/). Provisions for Breakfast and Dinner is in part provided by local philanthropists. Teachers Salaries and Non Teaching Staff salaries are provided by Bright Society. Investment on Student’s studying outside of school such as University students is in part provided by philanthropists from Canada and UK.

Reach out to me at 9945516333 / peeveeads@gmail.com.

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Watch this News…. and you will Understand, How Srilankan Government and Indian Media are trying to cheat the people of World. The objective of SLA is to divert the attention of International Bodies from Civilians being killed by SLA just by spreading this FALSE Prabhakaran’s death news.

If you don’t understand TAMIL, here is the Jist.
The body shown is not prabhakaran’s cos of the following reasons.
1. He doesn’t have big eyebrows, but the dead body has two big.
2. Prabhakaran is already 54 and the dead body looks like 40 years, with soft clean shaven skin.
2. If his body was taken from water only yesterday morning, how can they do a DNA test in 3 hrs, which generally takes 3-4 days
3. Day 1 SLA said, they killed the Tamil leader, when he was fleeing in an ambulance, but now, they are taken this body from deep waters.

Anyways…. He will show BACK that he is ALIVE.

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