The Tour of Nilgiris, India’s Premier and longest cycling event, will start tomorrow, the 15th December, with a pre-tour briefing at 2.00pm at Kyra, Indiranagar and officially with the Flag Off at 7.00am on 16th December 2009.

The Flag Off event will have a soft launch of Bamboo Cycle designed by Bangalore based designer Vijay Sharma. Post that, NO TURNING BACK for all TFNites for the next 8 days, covering 900kms crossing major cities like Mysore, Hassan, Madikeri, SulthanBathery, Udagamandalam and Babdipur, across 3 states.

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Hoping to take you all on a visual tour with my images. Thanks for the wishes.


December 2009 is amazing for me, for couple of reasons. There is a lot of travel this month, including the Tour of Nilgiris for 8 days, covering 901 kms from Dec16th to Dec 23rd. In fact, there is an additional and powerful reason for me to celebrate is the arrival of my bullet electra, lemme name it as BlackBaron. I had an opportunity to ride down from Madras to Bangalore on Tuesday, the 8th December 2009. In the past, i have clocked 400+ in a day on my TVS bikes, but, this 360kms on the Madras – Bangalore Highway was awesome.

The ride day started with a chit-chat session at Prem’s house and a drive to Big C’s house with Prem. After signing some papers and cash delivery, i was just made a proud owner of the Black Baron. Though i felt little disappointed, when the self start didn’t work, as the bike was left unused for a while now, its all set after visiting a bullet mechanic at Kellys. After checking air and filling petrol, there is no turning back.

Guindy, Porur, Sriperumputhur, Kanchipuram, Ranipet, Vellore, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Krishnagiri, Hosur and finally Bangalore, all crossed in time, with as many stops as I wanted, including the ones for tea, lunch, snack, pee, petrol etc. It was a great experience riding a bullet, with gear on the right side, unlike my previous TVS bike. Though i was careful, I was not conscious and picked up the gears just after 50kms.

The greens on both the sides, the clouds above and lakes and ponds on both sides, all welcomed me with a Black Tar Carpet. I really enjoyed the ride and as the altitude started building, the temperateness started dropping, post 6pm. And, i have managed to reach home in the evening and spent some time cleaning Black Baron. Its a real good feel, i ride a classical bullet, which has one of the best bullet engines so far. Thanks to BigC, who agreed to give me this giving me this bike to me. Special Thanks to Mr. Gopakrishna, father of Big C, for making all arrangements including NOC and name change. Thanks to guys, who supported me all along and i got to plan for some long trips in 2010.


Little sweet.. little harsh…
Little cute.. little fat..
Little tall.. little short…
Little brainy.. little mad…
Little modern… little traditional..
So many little to say.. up to day today.
Little clicks… little jumps..
little shopping… little hopping..
Little happy.. little sad…

You, a friend of mine in need.. indeed…
Saw you cry yesterday… for the first time from the day i know you.
Have FUN. I’m sure, you will HAVE FUN, reading this too….



One more week to go for the actual Tour oF Nilgiris 2009 (TFN 09). Just started preparing myself for photographing the event. Its gonna be Heck of a WORK, though its gonna be fun, as i wanna deliver more than what I’m promising now.

Lot of requirements and expectations are building up now, and I’m sure, i can deliver but, need to work hard. Last week i was on a practice session with 5 cyclists to Kolar and this week to Nandi Hills. These cyclists are amazing and clock 30kms per hour. Its quiet difficult to shoot these guys on the bike. They rip on the road and the hills, where my bike was struggling to clock.

I have just started a new flickr page to share all my images associated to TFN09, and uploaded the set of images, which won me the title for the Official Photographer of TFN contest. Will upload more images from the PRE-TFN events, followed by the TFN Reals.

Watch PEEVEE on TFN.


I guess I’m gonna be so very busy during this period. Ya… the plan goes like this…
1. Lot of work
2. Work related travel
3. Travel related photography
4. Photography related work
Its a cycle, which is keeping me busy for sometime now.

As of today.. here is my schedule.
WW 47 – Traveling to Kolkata. Ranchi. Dhanbad.
WW 48 – Traveling to Delhi.
WW 48 – Traveling to Kodai and Munnar.
WW 51 – May be traveling to Nilgiris.
WW 52 – May be Roaming in Nilgiris.
WW 53 – Have to go to Chennai.
Atleast for me, Travel is always like a better half. Just TRAVEL.
Will update. Watch this space for more.


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Read more on TFN and why i did the Story… at http://www.tourofnilgiris.com/blog09/?p=414


When i learnt something about TFN last year, i thought, I was not confident enough to cycle 100s of kilometers. This year, even sad, when it too late to apply when they have already finalised the set of cyclists. But, Lucky me… there is a contest for Official Photographer of TFN, which is not merely a trip to Nilgiris, not only a galore of goodies, but also an opportunity to meet great cyclists around.

The contestants are asked to submit 3 images of our choice, and I was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for the top slot. Two topics were provided to us, one the cycles perspective and other being the perspective on cycle, and we are supposed to shoot and submit images for the top position. Inspitre of some job shift and deliverables, i was able to work on Saturday last week, shooting close to 400 images. Thanks to Shwetha, for being my model and here you go with the making of “My Rider and I”.

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My Dream Bike.. on its way..
Expecting an Royal Enfield Electra this November…

Just for a record… few images from a chennai trip last year…
peevee the model
peevee the model


I’m one of Happiest persons, to be associated with you guys, as a photographer. You guys ROCK.
After EK, and few Jingles, here is the next step from TAAN SAINTS, this time for the Kannada Rajyotsava.

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I’m going to the consumer court…
I will write this in the press…
9, vasanthappa garden is not in the flood affected belagavi district..
I need power in the next 2 hours…

I said, all these.. but, still WE didn’t get power at home. #9, Vasanthappa Garden is my address, which is in Indira Nagara. One fine Thursday night(22nd October 2009) when i reached home at around 11.00pm, there was not power only at our house in the complex. Guess we didn’t pay our electricity bill for last month (September) and the last date for this month (October) is 28th October.

both the bills

I was the one who was paying our electricity bill every month and my fellow buddies at home got no idea on this. Unfortunately, I had to go to Davangere on Friday morning, we could not pay the bill on Friday as well. So managed to pay the invoice on Saturday by cash in a vending machine. But power didn’t find way to our home that Saturday, Sunday and Monday too… We are all pissed off finally made a complaint to the central customer care at 10.30pm, when i came from office. I was totally occupied with so many things at work and could do only that at 10.30pm.

Tuesday, we got some hope, as there were some 18 calls from the Customer care starting as early as 7am till 4.00pm. They wanted us to go to this domlur EB office and show the paid in slip. We did at 9.30am sharp. And, as nobody was at home after lunch time, to check the electricity, we had to confirm the customer care only by 8pm.

The first four sentences of this write up was spelt out on Tuesday morning, when i was getting calls after calls from the customer care.

I learnt couple of things from this exercise.
1. As a consumer we should be aware, what to do when. Eg. The moment you pay your late bill, go show it to the local office. The Govt Office employees will come, if NO BILL WAS paid.. but, wont track, if its paid. 😦
2. Was bathing in the chill water every day of these 5 days, that too 2 days, early in the morning.
3. Was able to live without power for 5 days, in spite of living in the gadget era, in spite of living in the heart of the city.:)

Anyways… 5 black days gone.. NOW, found some time to write this. Few images from one of the black days here..
selfie with fire

one of the major disastors

Special Thanks to Shwe / Prags for allowing me to charge my camera / blackberry, before my trip to Davengare for a photo shoot.