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As always.. this year too… the Advertisement War started at Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai. Saravana Stores is hosting 4 models, when Jayachandran textiles fighting with 2 single movie heroines. Chennai silks went ahead with Radhika Sararth kumar, when Kumaran, Nalli and pothys too fighting for their share with personalities.

This year too SriDelvi textiles of Coimbatore is giving a tough fight with some great dance ad. :). So… for every AADI THALLUPADI (end of season sale in Tamil) Sale, these above said names, end with same format/type of ads.

For them, an ad for the AADI sale is
1. Minimum 2 Pretty girls on the frame and
2. Interesting song and dance with rich colors.

Will share few videos soon. Still searching for the current ones.

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Here u go with the “World’s First Camera Lens Calendar”.
World’s First Camera Lens Calendar

Picture and text from www.yankodesign.com/2009/01/27/worlds-first-camera-lens-c…

Sharad Haksar is one my fave photographers, from whom i took inspirations, years back. I used to go to Gemini Bridge in Madras only to check his new creative on the hoardings. :). Thanks Sharad.

Check more about Sharad at www.sharadhaksar.com / www.1pointsize.com

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A new entry to the Bangalore Bookstore market is Odyssey, which is basically based out of Chennai. I used to be a regular visitor to Odyssey on the Sardar Patel Road, Chennai in the early 2000s among others like Landmarks and Higginbothams. But, when I moved to Bangalore, we had few other options like Sapnas, Crosswords and Landmarks. Though I’m happy with the service and facilties in Crosswords(mainly cos its close to my office) and Landmarks (mainly cos of their varied collection), Odyssey is something special for me.

I left office little early today(7.35pm), and have allocated myself some time to visit Odyssey on the 100ft road, Indira Nagar. Its a 3 storey building with the store spanning across 4 floors, the ground floor for the books, 1st floor for music and home items, 2nd for children books&toys and 3rd floor for the cards&gifts. I liked the floor plan, with an interesting allocation of sections, though the floor space in a single floor is small.

One special thing I must confess here is the inclusion of “REGIONAL SECTION” in the floors, be it books, music and Video. Landmarks and Crosswords cater only to the needs of the Larger English and Hindi customers. I was happy to check my faves like Agni Siragugal, Ponniyin Selvan and Thirukural, all in TAMIL. The video and music section too showcased Telugu & Tamil movies and music.

I wish, i get more time to visit this place in the future as well.
Guys… its a must visit place.


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