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Over the last couple of weeks, i was spending sometime to watch the “BBC documentary, The Story of India by Micheal Wood”.

Though Micheal Wood quoted in the documentary, “the story of 1000s of years cannot be shown in 6hrs and one cannot do justice to the story”, Wood and his team did a pretty decent job in terms of the research, shoot-edits and the execution over 6 episodes of an hour each.

The story goes back to million years back, when the first man migrated to India, and shows people from a village found with “First set of DNAs on Earth” and ends with the current IT Indian situation.

The episodes goes like this….
1. The Beginnings
2. The Power of Ideas
3. Spice Routes and Silk Roads
4. Ages of Gold
5. The Meeting of two Oceans
6. Freedom

The story was shot in India over 18 months and they spent close to six months to edit and present through BBC. I loved the way this story was shot and presented by this great historian Micheal Wood. It is very informative and neat. They have used music by Rahman and few other Indian musicians and voices of very familiar names of Indian Music. THE MUST WATCH VIDEO.

A Jist of the documentary can be seen here..

Share your comments too, after watching the complete 6 hrs documentary.

NOTE: Micheal Wood named her daughters, Minakshi and Jyothi. But don’t know the reason behind. 🙂

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