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When i came to Bangalore in 2005, i know only 5 names in Bangalore to speak to (guess i tell this everybody), but, now, I’m happy that i have a lot of friends to speak to, roam around, to put forth my views (good or bad), share sadness and happiness.

18th January 2010 was a great day for me. Here is the list of friends wished me for my Bday, apart from brands like Airtel, Titan, Scullers, ICICI, Geojit, Intel and Big Bazaar. These friends are my assets and I love them all.

Aarthy Rajah, Abilasha R, Adarsh Bungley, Akash B, Alok, Anand Mulky, Anand Sharma, Anand Siva, Ananthi R, Anent Prakash, Anita Bora, Ankit Pal, Anuradha E, Aravind Bateja, Aravind Chelliah, Archana Srinivas, Arindam Thokder, Arpana basapa, Arul Jegadish, Arun Bhat, Arun jay, Ashish Bharadwaj, Ashish Solanki, Ashok Mela, Ashok Saravanan, Ashutosh, Asif, Badekila Pradeep, Benjamin, Bhagyaraj, Bharani, Bhaskar HS, Bibhushan J, Caroline, Chaitanya Reddy, Charukesi Ramadorai, Chitra Aiyer, Deeepak M, Deepak Majipatil, Deepthi Prasanna, Deepthi Renati, Devkishor, Dhanalakshmi P, Dinesh Kumar, Divya Vinil, Eram Atiq, Ganesh Gajavadanam, Gautham, Gayathri Vaidhya, Gomathi Raman, Harsha Bharathwaj, Hema Narayanan, Indirani, Jahnavi Pai, Jeganathan Arumugham, Joydeep, Jyothi V, Kamakshi S, Karthik Hariharan, Kasthuri J, Kay Dee, Krithika R, Kshitz Anand, Lakshmi R, Lakshmi Sharath, Lava Murthy, Lavannya Goradia, Lavanya Vishwanath, Lawrence Samuelraj, Mahendra Rao, Mahendraraj D, Malathi, Malvika Jain, Manas Saran, Manjula Sridhar, Mayur Channagare, Megha Bhaskar, Meghna Sejpal, Menaga P, Mercy P, Mitesh Shah, Mouli P, Nandakumar, Nandhitha, Narayanan R, Navin Mathew, Niranj, Nischal Pai, Nishant Nagesh, Paddy Arvind, Paroma Roy, Pavan Bhat, Pavithra Chandresekaran, Perumal NG, Photoyogi Praveen, Poonam Parihar, Pradeep Sanyal, Pragathi Surana, Pragyan Paramita, Prashnath Vasan, Prasoon Rana, Prathap Sounder, Praveen, Prem Muthu, Radha Alexander, Raghuram Ashok, Rajeev Poduval, Rajesh Nair, Rakesh Shah, Ramanan, Ramesh Palani, Rammorrison, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Reena Chengappa, Romel Dutta, Sairam R, Sandeep, Sandeep Reddy, Sandip Debnath, Sangeeta D, Santosh Kulkarni, Sarah M, Saravanan D, Sathish Krish, Shalini Singh, Shanmugapriya Venkat, Shilpa Natarajan, Shobana Shankar, Shweta Wadhwa, Shwetha Som, Siddhartha Narayanan, Siva, Sneha Jeyatheertha, Sneha Prasad, Sowmya L, Sowmya Latha, Sridhar Pabisetty, Steve Evans, Subashree S, Sukruthaswamy, Sunaina N, Surendar B, Suresh Gounder, Suresh MG, Sushmitha, Suvajit Sengupta, Suvasanamayee, Suyog Gaidhani, Swasthika Bungley, Swathi Sucharita, Tamilselvi,
Thammiah, Ujrebail Venkat R, Ullas Holla, Umamaheshwari, Umashankar, Vaidehi I, Vandana, Vasugi, Vinoo Krishnan and Yogesh Thoppe.
Thanks a TON Guys. You MADE MY DAY.

This doesn’t mean I HATE friends who forgot or could not find time to wish me. To quote a few friends who missed to wish me are Deepika Nagabhushan (Bangalorean, may be busy with her new work and wife life), Elenchezian Natarajan (Jatti Dosth, i say, who is in Switzerland, may be still busy with his migration to Mahindra Satyam) and Premanand Kalivarathan (a friend for 15 yrs now, may be busy taking care of his new assignments in the supply chain management industry in Chennai). GUYS, I missed you all. Hope you guys are doing fine with work and life.

I’m sure to have all my friends forever. Lets Keep in TOUCH.

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quit smoking

Smoking Kills.
Smoking is Injurious to Health.
Smoking Causes Cancer.
Tobacco Smoke can Kill Babies.
Smoking Harms Your Family.
These are few anti tobacco messages, i came across.

We all know, it kills, be it active or passive, but, not ready to quit or not ready even to think of quitting.

Instead of banning the products, government talk about Human Rights and allocated 40% space on the box. Instead of quitting, smokers generally talk about kicks and experiences and thrills of smoking.

What can you expect from a non-smoker? Is there any non-smoker?
In fact, i feel there is no NON-SMOKER, as all the men, women and kids on earth are smoking one or the other smokers smoke, passive, with the source of the smoke varying from industries, motorised vehicles and the smoking human.

I have tens of friends who smoke day in and out, especially few cute little friends-girls, who are adamant to quit smoking.
Studies show that the “Tobacco consumption reduced birth weight of the foetus, decreased their gestational age leading to premature babies, increased the risk of still births and heightened chances of anaemia among adult pregnant women”

The latest report from the Tobacco Atlas says, Indian women are among the worst in the world when it comes to smoking. According to the latest Tobacco Atlas, the country ranks third in the top 20 female smoking populations across the globe. Only the US with 2.3 crore female smokers and China with 1.3 crore women smokers are worse off than India in this chart. However, as far as percentage of women smoking is concerned, it is below 20% for India. Among India’s immediate neighbours, only Pakistan figures in this infamous list, but right at the bottom at 20th with around 30 lakh female smokers.

The Atlas said tobacco killed some six million people each year — more than a third of whom will die from cancer — and drained $500 billion annually from global economies. As 25% of smokers die and many more become ill during their most productive years, income loss devastates families and communities. In 2010, 72% of those who die from tobacco related illnesses would be in low- and middle-income countries.

Anyways… Its Just UP TO YOU. Have FUN QUIT-SMOKING.

The above image was shot in a slum in Ulsoor area. Shown here only for representative purpose.

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What a thought man…
This was taken from a gmail status message of a friend.
“Becoming a photographer is like becoming a prostitute, first you do it for fun, then for friends, then for money.”

You have freedom to share your views. Thanks.

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Friends…whom i know / remember from 1984/85. Right now, i dont know the whereabouts of many. 😦

Kamal(Devan Paper Mart.)
Muthaih(This guy from Karaikudi, Used to wear glasses then)
R.Senthil( Thenmozhi’s Bro, My good frined, Ramajunam Alumnium Stores)
M.Senthil (Rank 4 always, Fish Market zone),
Prakash (Rank 2 Holder, Agraharam, Sandhanagopalapuram),
Bharanidharan (Karthikeysn;s Bro, Always had Cold wars with him, Anna Univ)
RV (Special friend, Married Alaypayuthey way, Kalpana’s Crush)
Sangeetha (Jain girl, Good Dancer, Married after 10th Class, Kamaraj Street Jewellery Shop owner)
Bhuvanasundari (Mundiyampakkam Girl, My first Crush, Combine Study Mate),
Beryl Brightly, Kanchana (other frineds from the high school days)
Shobana (Tuition mate at Acharapakkam Raghavendra sir’s tuition)
Rekha (Tall girl, walks like a horse in Adhiparashakthi Campus)
AR Prabhakaran, Vijayan, Sanjeevi, KumaraRaja (Room / Hostel / Cycle Mates)
Jeeva S Jayanth (Green house mate, a soda bhutti user)
Hemalatha (Special friend, 2nd Crush, a doctor now)
Premanand (a good friend of mine for the last 12 years and my room mate for 4 engineering years. Got married today, the 10th November 2008)
Kavaskar / Sampath / Sivamani (Other Engineering friends, who were always there with me)
Navaneedhan (a chemical engineer, who was a part, when i met with an accident at Palakad)
Venkatachalam (who saved us from an accident in a waterfall in AndhraPradesh)
Velmurugan/Kumarakurunathan (Good friends from my district)
Shanthy / Sukanya / Shamshad (class mates / project mates of Chemical Enginering)
Anand / Thirulogu (
Rahul Kondiparthy
Arundati Bhowmick
Chaitanya Datla
Venkatesh TG / Vaidee
Sivanesan / Amarnath
Vijay Karumanchi
Uma Maheshwaran / Mahalakshmi
Deepthi Renati
Sangeeta / Sowmya
Mercy P / Aarthy R

Will be adding mORE….My Teachers…. Fellow Travellers… Relatives…and other anonymous names.


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