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When i was in Kabini last weekend, there are teams working on the Census of Tigers in the Nilgiri Biosphere. The jungles of Nagarhole, is supposed to have one of the thick presence of Tigers in South India, as said by the naturist at the park.

Here is the final count from the whole of India.

What a small number? I’m sure Niranj, a fellow photographer friend, Bangalore, can give so many reasons for the less number of tigers, apart from poaching(dude u listening?).

Anyways, lemme do my bit.
You do can make a difference. Speak out. Share. Blog.

Listen to our heroes as well.

You also have Dhoni and Baichung Roaring. Check them at www.saveourtigers.com.

Lets hope for the best. Tigers are a part of our ecosystem. We need them. Lets Save them, at any cost.

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quit smoking

Smoking Kills.
Smoking is Injurious to Health.
Smoking Causes Cancer.
Tobacco Smoke can Kill Babies.
Smoking Harms Your Family.
These are few anti tobacco messages, i came across.

We all know, it kills, be it active or passive, but, not ready to quit or not ready even to think of quitting.

Instead of banning the products, government talk about Human Rights and allocated 40% space on the box. Instead of quitting, smokers generally talk about kicks and experiences and thrills of smoking.

What can you expect from a non-smoker? Is there any non-smoker?
In fact, i feel there is no NON-SMOKER, as all the men, women and kids on earth are smoking one or the other smokers smoke, passive, with the source of the smoke varying from industries, motorised vehicles and the smoking human.

I have tens of friends who smoke day in and out, especially few cute little friends-girls, who are adamant to quit smoking.
Studies show that the “Tobacco consumption reduced birth weight of the foetus, decreased their gestational age leading to premature babies, increased the risk of still births and heightened chances of anaemia among adult pregnant women”

The latest report from the Tobacco Atlas says, Indian women are among the worst in the world when it comes to smoking. According to the latest Tobacco Atlas, the country ranks third in the top 20 female smoking populations across the globe. Only the US with 2.3 crore female smokers and China with 1.3 crore women smokers are worse off than India in this chart. However, as far as percentage of women smoking is concerned, it is below 20% for India. Among India’s immediate neighbours, only Pakistan figures in this infamous list, but right at the bottom at 20th with around 30 lakh female smokers.

The Atlas said tobacco killed some six million people each year — more than a third of whom will die from cancer — and drained $500 billion annually from global economies. As 25% of smokers die and many more become ill during their most productive years, income loss devastates families and communities. In 2010, 72% of those who die from tobacco related illnesses would be in low- and middle-income countries.

Anyways… Its Just UP TO YOU. Have FUN QUIT-SMOKING.

The above image was shot in a slum in Ulsoor area. Shown here only for representative purpose.

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A 20-point quicklist… as given by NDTV.com.
Please check my comments below every point.

1. Agatha Sangma is the youngest minister at 28, SM Krishna the oldest at 77.
PV: Yes. She will go to Sangma College now to learn how to cheat and make money. Former CM of Karnataka, SM Krishna can also give her lessons from his vast experience.

2. The average age of the council of ministers is now a little over 62 years.
PV: Retired Candidates for the Youngest Country on Earth.

3. One out of every four UPA MPs is a minister.
PV: In an years span, it may become two out of Four MPs.

4. The southern states have a higher MP:Minister ratio than the North.
PV: At least now. There is a saying VADAKKU VALARGIRATHU. THERKU THEIGIRATHU in Tamil, Meaning North Grows and South dies.

5. Karnataka, with four ministers with 11 UPA MPs.
PV: Ha Ha… They Lost more seats to BJP. So they got More Ministers. Lesson for Other states.

6. Kerala is close with six out of 19.
PV: Enda Chettan… Sopper Coolaaanum.

7. Of 35 UPA MPs, Tamil Nadu has nine ministers – most of them from the DMK.
PV: Kalaignar, the TAMIL LEADER(?), in spite of being unwell, he achieved what he wanted for his family. But, will this help TN Grow?

8. But DMK chief Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi is not a minister, but son MK Azhagiri is.
PV: Kanimozhi is just nothing in front of this DADA Plus Azhagiri.. So He got one.. and not her.

9. Andhra Pradesh has the least of the southern states with four ministers.
PV: Ya. AP Should take lessons from Karnataka. AP Congress won more MPs and so Less Ministers.

10. Vilasrao Deshmukh and SM Krishna are not members of any House.
PV: Ex CMs screwed the states, now gonna spoil the Parliament house. Deshmukh is 26/11 fame and SM Krishna, affair with Saroja Devi Controversy. Hope Krishna wont have any EXTERNAL AFFAIRS now.

11. Among dropped ministers from last time: Arjun Singh, Shivraj Patil (who had already been dropped post 26/11), Sis Ram Ola, Saifudin Soz, Mahavir Prasad, TR Baalu, Oscar Fernandes, Ashwini Kumar, Santosh Bagrodia.
PV: What will these guys do now? Now they have to ask questions in the parliament, unlike they were answering all these years.

12. Despite the Congress bounty in Haryana, only Kumari Selja makes it to a ministerial post.
PV: Any Sardar is behind this? Or Vienna Issue are responsible?

13. UP, which gave the Congress 21 seats under Rahul Gandhi’s party revival plan, has only five ministers, but not a single Cabinet post.
PV: Rahul must be unhappy, cos, Sonia and Rahul represent UP and didn’t take a Minister Berth.

14. There are five Muslim ministers.
PV: For 14% of Indian Muslims, the representation was only 6.3%.

15. There are 10 Dalit ministers.
PV: Why should they list, when there is Reservation? To keep Mayavati Happy?
In any case, the representation is good (12.7% of ministers are Dalits)

16. There are nine women ministers.
PV: When will this become 50%? At least 33%?

17. There are nine former chief ministers in the Cabinet.
PV: These 9 guys must have lost Assembly elections in their respective states. Must Be.

18. Ally tally: Trinamool Congress seven (one Cabinet, six MoS), DMK even (three Cabinet, four MoS), NCP three (One Cabinet, one MoS Independent Charge and one MoS), Muslim League and NCP one each.
PV: Karunanithi, a veteran from TN won ministers, but its high time for the portfolios. Sure he is gonna fight for the Rich Portfolios.

19. Four former Indian Youth Congress presidents become ministers – Anand Sharma, Mukul Wasnik, Gurudas Kamat and Selja.
PV: Youth Congress Presidents? All of them now older than 45 Years.
Anand Sharma – 56 Years, Mukul Wasnik – 50 Years, Gurudas Kamat – 55 Years and Selja Kumari – 46 Years.

20. Most of the younger bunch of ministers are sons and daughters of politicians.
PV: Ya ya.. Getting into their Family Business.

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Happened to watch this nice commercial online for the IPL season 2. I Love it.
Rest for you to enjoy.

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“Indian Cricket team was not attacked, when they toured Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan team was shot, when they were in Pak.
That’s the difference between FREEDOM STRUGGLE and TERRORISM“.

Though its a funny forward message… This made a lot of sense to me.
So sharing here.. Wat do you feel?

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Recently visited 3 entirely different and contrast cities… across 3 states in the Eastern part of the country, the only connect being the GANGES.

Kolkata (formerly CALCUTTA) is the most populous and most denser city in the country, which lies on the Hoogly river. Kolkata is one of the oldest cities, and was the Capital of British India till 1911. A colorful city, also termed as the cultural and intellectual captital of India, which gave Subash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa, Satyajit Ray and JC Bose among others to the country. The city is famous and noted for Trams, Metro, Howrah, River Ghats and Female Trafficking.
On the Hoogly...

Varanasi, also called as Kaasi and Banaras, is the oldest living city on Earth. The history goes back to 2500 years and is still not changed. One must say, this city as the “HOLIEST” and “DIRTIEST” city on Earth. With Ganges flowing from south to North in this city in the cresent shape, this city has 84 ghats. The notable and famous ghats are Manikarnika/Harishchandra, Dasashwamedha, panchakoot, Assi and Tulsi Ghats. At any point of time, you can see death bodies, washing clothes, brushing and bathing, poojas and final rites on the Ganges.
count me if you can

Dhanbad is the coal capital of India, which contributes to more than 40% of coal to India, from 100s of Collieries there. This dustiest city is one of the top 30 cities in the country and the Dhanbad Railway Region holds the 2nd position on the profitability. This is a city which is almost close to complete is maintained by TATAs. Though the literacy levels of Bihar and Jharkhand is under 50%, Dhanbad produces, so many IAS, IPS officers and Engineers every year. Here is one the Engineers from Dhanbad, getting married.
made for each other

This post is just to give a brief intro… Lemme write my experiences across in the forthcoming posts. Watch this space for MORE.

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I must tell you.. this place Manapad (மணபாடு in Tamil) looked heaven when we were on our trip.

The sky, the clouds and the sea all looked blue and blue everywhere. It was around 4.30pm, when we reached the village, the waves gave us a warm welcome. The men and women were sweet and soft, even when they speak to strangers like us. We started shooting the water and moving boats, then walked up the cliff to check The Holy Cross Church. It was already 6.15 and we had no time to capture the beautiful moments of the zone.

We shot some sunset scenes and the day was gone and it was pitch dark. So we decided to come back the next day evening again, and walked back to Kulasai. Next day was even beautiful. I carried my Manfrotto (damn useful!) and tried capturing the missed ones the previous night. I was very cautious and planned my time to capture the bright evening moments of Sun. Yes.. Its all here for you.. to see… A must visit location.
beautiful mother nature

three is a crowd

extended shadows


light house

There is so much available with Manapad to offer us…
1. The soft shallow backwaters, which is a km away from the sea.
2. The Holy Cross Church and a cave, which is 500 years old.
3. A light house on the cliff, under the control of Government of India.

Note about Manapad from Wiki:
Manapad is a predominantly Roman Catholic coastal village in India, 70 km from Tirunelveli and 18 km south of Tiruchendur, and one of the first places to be visited by St. Francis Xavier in 1542 when he initiated missionary activity on the Fishery coast.

Francis Xavier is said to have lived and prayed in a cavern on the seaward face of a cliff. There si still something called as St.Xavier Cave. Holy Cross Church close to the sea was built in the year 1581. This church has what is believed to be a fragment of the True Cross of Jerusalem. Thousands congregate during the festival season from 1st to 14th September every year when the cross is publicly displayed. Since there are other small temples, here this place is called as “Chinna Jerusalem” (Small Jerusalem).

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