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When i learnt something about TFN last year, i thought, I was not confident enough to cycle 100s of kilometers. This year, even sad, when it too late to apply when they have already finalised the set of cyclists. But, Lucky me… there is a contest for Official Photographer of TFN, which is not merely a trip to Nilgiris, not only a galore of goodies, but also an opportunity to meet great cyclists around.

The contestants are asked to submit 3 images of our choice, and I was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for the top slot. Two topics were provided to us, one the cycles perspective and other being the perspective on cycle, and we are supposed to shoot and submit images for the top position. Inspitre of some job shift and deliverables, i was able to work on Saturday last week, shooting close to 400 images. Thanks to Shwetha, for being my model and here you go with the making of “My Rider and I”.

Spend some time here, and if you like, your next stop should be LifeBlob

Like my Images… Commment and make me the WINNER. Will U? Will I? Thanks.

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Just read Random 25 at Facebook, by Kris

My Random 25
1. I’m an advertising professional came from an agricultural family background. I always wonder and feel happy about this transition.
2. I’m Vegetarian by choice, stopped eating Non-Veg some 7 years back, But, still a super Non-Veg cook. I can cook food many veg curries apart from few Non-Veg dish including Fish curries, Chicken and Mutton items.
3. I like cycling and used to roam around in the roads of Chennai and Pondicherry with my regular Atlas Cycle. Now no time and energy to take the cycle out.
4. Ilayaraja, Ilayaraja, Ilayaraja… My all time favorite music is his. I admire him for his simpliity and growth, who came from a small village to Madras (now chennai) with only Rs.10 some 35 yrs back.
5. I own a Nikon D80 SLR camera with 3 lenses, 6GB Memory and a Manfrotto Tripod. I do some decent photography. Interested in people, street life and documentaries.
6. I’m a first generation graduate of my family, did my B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and MBA in Marketing. Mom is a 5th class drop out and Dad, a 3rd class drop out. I was denied Student Visa to the US in 2002, so thinking not to visit the US ever.
7. I have no preference for food and can eat anything veg available on the earth and I’m NOT at all Finicky about food.
8. I love to travel anywhere and everywhere. 2008 was my fave year, as i traveled the lengths and breadths of India. So far i have visited, atleast touched the lands of Pondicherry, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Maharahtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and WestBengal states and Dubai City (Only international venue)
9. I have had a joint photo exhibition last year, with 3 fellow shutterbugs. Currently working on a photo book named 365, which will showcase my travel aspirations.
10. I love Bangalore (earlier i used to call Chennai, the Heaven) for its dynamics, though I’m not too sure about the spirits in the form of Pubs and Bars everywhere.
11. I like Tamil. Tamil Literature. Tamil Language. Tamil Movies. Tamil Festivals. Tamil People… never ending list.
12. I want be an entrepreneur soon, must be in the Creative side of life, May photography or Advertising or Both. Inspirations by Sharad Haksar.
13. I don’t like pets , especially at home, as i have grown up hating Cats.
14. I’m a fortunate Teetotaller all my life so far, though I’m always with so many friends who drink and smoke. Had been to N number of Bars and Pubs, simply to give company and chit-chat with friends.
15. I’m very conscious in front of the camera, but i always feel that i can make good pictures, when im behind the camera. I also believe that I can live just with my Camera, laptop and a net connection, anywhere and everywhere.
16. I just can’t dance. People always tell that im funny, every time, when I’m on the dance floor.
17. I love Royal Enfield. Will buy one soon, may be a Thunderbird Twinspark.
18. I’m always loyal to my brands, be it Scullers, Colgate, Brut or Nikon. Working for a same advertising agency for almost 4 yrs now, guess im too much loyal. 🙂
19. I like number nine, for no reason. Nine is a very special number. If you add any number to nine, you will get the same number, when you make it as a single digit.
20. I’m an Atheist and believe in people. My spiritual circle is within the limits of life and only life. But, I visit temples, mosques, churches and Gurudwaras to meet Gods and Goddesses.
21. I escaped from death, twice so far, once in Kerala and second time in Karnataka. Fortunately, i have an accident insurance for 10Lakhs.
22. Friends, Friends and Friends are everything to me, with whom i live all time now, at least for the last 14 years now, away from home. Thanks to Mom and Dad for bringing me up with all Confidence and Love.
23. I’m never behind Dollars and Pounds. But, I spend all that I earn for some cause. I pay all my taxes. I follow traffic rules. In a word, I’m a weird boy, whom you wont like in the first go, but in the course of time.
24. I’m a regular Blood Donor. Have donated blood some 12 times so far. Wanna register myself for donating all my organs. Will do it soon sometime, with approvals from parents.
25. I love my village and the sexy lake near by. I used to play Gilli and Gholi with my childhood friends during my school days, and I’m missing all that fun now.

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This Post is is a “postmortem” of my January post Circa 2008.
I tried to my best, to visit and capture many a locations, i wished in Jan 2008.

FYI.. Im just striking.. what all i did so far in 2008.

TamilNadu / Kerala / Karnataka / Andhra Pradesh Circuits:
1. Chennai – Pulicat – Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram – Thirukazhukundram – Uthiramerur – Vedanthangal
2. Pondicherry – Chidambaram – Gingee – Vellore – Nagappattinam – Karaikal – Thanjavur – Kumbakonam – Seerkazhi – Vaideeswarankoil
3. Thiruchirappalli – Karaikudi – Madurai – Thenkasi – Kutraalam – Kulasai – Tiruchendur – Rameshwaram – Kanyakumari
4. Ooty – Kodaikanal – Yercaud – Elagiri – Kolli hills
5. Walayar – Pollachi – Theni – Kambam – Munnar – Periyar – Thekady
6. Coimbatore – Palghat – Adhirapally – Cochin
7. Srirangapatna – Somanthpur – Mysore – Wayanad- Calicut
8. Madikeri – Bylakuppe – Mangalore – Kundapur – Udipi – Malpe – Maravante – Jog
9. Gokarna – Goa
10. Hampi – Badami – Aihole – Bagalkot – Belgaum – Bijapur – Gulbarga – Hyderabad
12. Chitradurga – Chikmagalur – Belur – Helebedu
13. Sringeri – Dharmstala – Shravanabelagola – Melkote
14. Vishakapatnam – Machilipatnam – Warangal
15. Srisailam – Mahanandi – Ahobilam – Kailasanadhakona – Suruttupalle – Talakona – Yadagirighutta

Apart form these mentioned above, the list goes like this for the REST of MY LIFE..
1. Mumbai/Pune/Ajanta
2. Pushkar/Jaipur/udaipur
3. Leh/Ladakh/Srinagar
4. Bhuj/Ahmedabad
5. Dehradun/Mussourie
6. Varanasi/Allahabad/Lucknow
7. Kolkata/Darjelling/Patna/Ranchi
8. Majoli and entire NE
9. Gwalior/Bhopal/Raipur
10. Bhubaneshwar/Puri/Cuttack

Apart from the ones mentioned above, I have also visited…
1. Pattadakal
2. Thiruvandipuram,  Cuddalore
3. Tyekal Village
4. Somnathpur
5. Kochi
6. Pattukottai
7. Dubai
8. Ajmer / Jodhpur / Jaisalmer / Bikaner
9. Manapadu / Thirunelveli / Tuticorin
10. Dhanbad

So.. the Year 2008, had been so far SO GOOD. Will update with an other blogpost with a Chronological Listing. Watch this space for MORE.


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I was just wondering wat i did the whole day on a Sunday, when Mercy asked me “Enna Panreenga (wat r u doing?)” last evening.

Here is the list of things i did the whole day 12.00am to 11.59pm (on a chronological order).
12.00am: Sleeping
04.14am: Got up well ahead of alarm, to get ready for TAAN SAINTS shoot.
04.17am: Got a message from Adarsh that Swastika is not well (members of TAAN Saints)
04.20am: Sent a message to Adarsh asking him update about swastika’s health.
04.35am: Deepika Called me and decided to Cancel the Shoot.
05.15am: Logged in flickr.com/ gmail.com / reading Sivakamiyin Sabadham.
05.45am: Deepika confirm the Reiki shoot.
06.25am: I’m Ready to leave.. dint take bath.
06.40am: It was drizzling outside and reached Townhall, waiting for deepika.
06.55am: Met Deepika and decided to shoot in the underpass near city market.
07.05am: Shot few frames.. alone.. with people… Thanks to a security who offered Yesterday’s paper to use as a rough sheet. One of the frames from the underpass shoot.

07.25am: Finished Shoot and just came out of Subway. Saw Apsara movie theater and motivated ourselves to enter inside the theater.
07.30am: Got into the theater with permission (in fractions of min) and it was an awesome experience shooting just the theatre.. empty Red Theatre Seats.. with a great model in Black (deepika). Thank you DEEPS for this Opportunity. As you said.. “WE JUST FORM A GOOD TEAM”.
07.47am: Raghu called me.. and learnt, he is in town and not in Kancheepuram.
08.05am: Back in the car. Heading to Townhall for the next round of shoot.
08.40am: Some sits.. walks.. reflections.. architecture.. all DONE.
08.45am: Kamat Restaurant for Breakfast. Gulped a Masaladosa, Vaangi Baath and a hot coffee.
09.15am: Back in Car. Copied some frames to deepika’s HDD. Light Roomed a frame. Motivated Deep to use Light Room.
10.31am: Got a call from Pratap/Adarsh(conference). Discussed an idea to shoot on any weekday after Monday, on the way beck Home.
10.42: Dropped a cheque at an ICICI ATM on the way back home.
11.00am: Back at Home. Checking some mails / flickr / wordpress.
11.32am: Switched on the Geyser, wanna have a shower.
11.48am: Missed a call from Aarthy R from Canada.
12.01pm: Got into the shower.
12.30pm: Back online… chatting with Yogesh. Called Mercy, when they were on the way to Commercials.
12.55pm: Deepika called, and gave her the numbers for Adobe Light Room. She was LIKING it.
01.20pm: Made some Maggi and had Lunch, sitting online.
01.25pm: Gayu, came home with Ebu. They were watching “Sathyam” Movie on DVD. Yes.. i did saw bits n pieces.
01.34pm: Neha called from Dhanbad and gave her contact details. Tried booking Train Tickets from Dhanbad to Howrah for 7th December, but in Vain.
02.00pm: Spent time with Sivagamiyin Sabadham.. slept for a while with the book.
02.11pm: Called up Jetlite and double checked the KOL-BLR Flight Status. Its as Scheduled.
02.25pm: Back on bed with Sivakamiyin Babadham.
03.30pm: Still Ebu and Gayu watching Satyam. Me too..
04.45pm: Sivakamiyin Sabadham.
04.55pm: Was listening to BBCTAMIL… understanding the Pooneryn attack between SL govt and LTTE.
05.59pm: Sivakamiyin Sabadham.
06.04pm: Kris called me when she was one her way to Java.
06.57pm: Sivakamiyin Sabadham.
07.07pm: Suraj, a new bee at BWS wanted to go to a dance bar.. gave him info about FUGA, on the Castle Street, after taking the info from Kris, my ex-colleague.
07.23pm: Mercy called up and had a chat with Mouli as well. He was leaving to Madras, last night.
08.10pm: Called Mercy, when we lost electricity at home and scolded Menaga for cursing me (?)
08.40pm: Met up with Muthu and went to Punjabi Dhaba for Dinner. Had some stuffed Paratha and Banana.
09.05pm: Slept.,. Grrrrr.
11.59pm: Grrrr… Grrrrr.

10 Points to summarise:
1. Wrote 6 messages, received 8 messages, on calls for close to 2 hours.
2. Traveled 30+ Kms on my bike.
3. Shot 150+ frames, mostly of Deepika’s in the Subway, Apsara Theatre and near TownHall.
4. Posted 1 picture in Flickr. Received 20+ Comments and 200 views.
5. Read 150+ pages of Sivakamiyin Sabadham Novel.
6. Ate 2 maggi noodles packets, a masala dosa, a vaangi bath, 2 stuffed paratha and 6 small Yelakki Banana.
7. Took hot shower once.
8. Logged in/out gmail/flickr/wordpress 6+ times.
9. Slept 8 + hrs in 24 hrs of Sunday.
10. Listened to BBC Tamil Radio for 29 minutes.

This post is just.. an opportunity for ME and for Others to understand my one day. Thanks all.


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