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I’m going to the consumer court…
I will write this in the press…
9, vasanthappa garden is not in the flood affected belagavi district..
I need power in the next 2 hours…

I said, all these.. but, still WE didn’t get power at home. #9, Vasanthappa Garden is my address, which is in Indira Nagara. One fine Thursday night(22nd October 2009) when i reached home at around 11.00pm, there was not power only at our house in the complex. Guess we didn’t pay our electricity bill for last month (September) and the last date for this month (October) is 28th October.

both the bills

I was the one who was paying our electricity bill every month and my fellow buddies at home got no idea on this. Unfortunately, I had to go to Davangere on Friday morning, we could not pay the bill on Friday as well. So managed to pay the invoice on Saturday by cash in a vending machine. But power didn’t find way to our home that Saturday, Sunday and Monday too… We are all pissed off finally made a complaint to the central customer care at 10.30pm, when i came from office. I was totally occupied with so many things at work and could do only that at 10.30pm.

Tuesday, we got some hope, as there were some 18 calls from the Customer care starting as early as 7am till 4.00pm. They wanted us to go to this domlur EB office and show the paid in slip. We did at 9.30am sharp. And, as nobody was at home after lunch time, to check the electricity, we had to confirm the customer care only by 8pm.

The first four sentences of this write up was spelt out on Tuesday morning, when i was getting calls after calls from the customer care.

I learnt couple of things from this exercise.
1. As a consumer we should be aware, what to do when. Eg. The moment you pay your late bill, go show it to the local office. The Govt Office employees will come, if NO BILL WAS paid.. but, wont track, if its paid. 😦
2. Was bathing in the chill water every day of these 5 days, that too 2 days, early in the morning.
3. Was able to live without power for 5 days, in spite of living in the gadget era, in spite of living in the heart of the city.:)

Anyways… 5 black days gone.. NOW, found some time to write this. Few images from one of the black days here..
selfie with fire

one of the major disastors

Special Thanks to Shwe / Prags for allowing me to charge my camera / blackberry, before my trip to Davengare for a photo shoot.

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Two things happened last weekend for me.. At least i understood that only last weekend. The whole lot of migrated people like me in Bangalore city moving to their own native places to celebrate Diwali, every single mode of transportation is flooded with waters of tunga, bhadra and krishna.

First thing first…
A friend of mine is doing a photo story on migrated population in Bangalore with a detailed study on people from norht Karnataka. I was telling him sometime back that its sad to see them, working hard in bangalore for a single better meal a day. It didn’t strike me that I’m also on a migration here. But understood the truth only last weekend when i saw the millions of crowd in the bus/railway stations. If somebody is interested to do a story on the white collar migrations, please reach out to me. I will surely be of some use. :).

Second thing second…

I generally don’t plan my trips to pondicherry. All these years, its more of a hop-on trips. I do standing journeys, break journeys, half journeys etc… as i just can’t book my tickets well in advance, like a friend of mine does train booking 60days in advance.

Ok.. now to the reality… I was waiting in the silk board bus stop for some bus. My mind said “dont wait for any specific bus.. just hop on”. My eyes were looking for the bus boards with place names like pondicherry, thiruvannamalai, cuddalore.. salem. I was even ready to take a bus to chennai and travel down 150kms to home. But, lucky me without waiting for a long, i got into a thiruvannamalai bus and even got to sit in Conductors seat. It took more than 180 minutes to reach hosur town, which is just 30kms from silk board. So much of Traffic, diversions and tsunami of cars moving to cross the state border to buy crackers cheap. I saw live, how difficult it is to drive a bus in such conditions, where you have men, women, bikes, cars, buses and trucks crossing in all possible angles. A fellow traveller in the bus was cribbing that he is getting late and asked driver to go FAST. The GOOD Driver’s Reaction: “I Can’t take any RISK here for you to Celebrate Diwali in time. We have NO DIWALI, Cos, I’m taking you to your home“. What a TRUTH. I was taken aback and was thinking about this for a while. I could just think. Nothing more i could do then..

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Yesterday it was an yet another BIG day for Selvaprakash L. He was one of the awardees of the Robert Bosch Art Grant 2009 for his new work on immigrant employees in Bangalore. Congrats Selva for this feather on your crown.

The main reason behind this post is not the Award for Selva, but, the venue of the event. I must confess that, i was scared when i looked at this space (JAAGA) from outside. It was looking like a tent, but, with lot of steel fittings and light and stage. It was a different SPACE all together, created with lot of creativity. There are 3 vertical levels, all made with steel, mesh and card boards with top and sides covered with tarpaulin and flex prints. I must appreciate Bosch for accepting to use this creative space for the event. Also, have to mention the artists from Attakkalari, for their amazing performance without fear. It was a good day for me as well, as i happen to meet some known faces including Clare Arni and Mrs.Pramila Prasad. We kinda left the place at around 10.00 after dinner.

Few images here….
selva with robert bosch art grant

hope on the wall

on the move

yes its a dance compo

watching wild

Rest.. go to this place.. and check for yourselves. Map

About Jaaga
Jaaga is a shared community space that could be assembled, disassembled and then re-assembled, anytime, anywhere. Jaaga is now a cross-community collaborative experimental effort. Archana Prasad – a visual artist, Freeman Murray – a creative technologist and Naresh Narasimhan – a creative architect, formed a core group towards gathering the resources for Jaaga to become a reality. More

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I generally don’t take mythology seriously in my life. It’s all stories written by men, just to showcase his talents, to motivate/demotivate fellow human and for more FUN.

This time, just to quote, I’m taking the help of THE PHOENIX, a mythical sacred firebird with a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of myrrh twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again.

Thats the current situation of Tamils in Eelam. There are approximately 300000 men and women internally displaced and are homeless. At least 10 percent of them, close to 30000 people are limbless and are physically challenged by the WAR. There is no proper food, no water to drink and NO LIFE in SHORT.

Yes.. Let them all come back to LIFE like Phoenix soon. Hoping for the BEST.

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I’m not a vegetarian by birth, but, vegetarian by choice for the last 8 years. I never had a necessity to write this all along but now, after a pathetic dinner service last night at Hotel Empire and a sad breakfast service at Koshy’s this morning.

We(Rammorrison, Karthik, Ram and I) were in a hurry on our way to Skandagiri and decided to finish our dinner at MG Road zone itself. We kinda got some parking space opposite Hotel Empire and managed to get a table as well. My problem started with looking for a good veg dish from the menu in a hard-core non veg restaurant. Karthik and I being veg, ordered 2 veg appam’s and a curd rice. Instead of serving appam first, they served curd rice (sad) and we had to eat as we were hungry. The non veg food including the chicken kebab were served faster than the veg appam. :(.

In less than 24 hours, an other bad experience for me on the food thing. This morning after a tiring trek at skandagiri, we all headed to Koshy’s for the break fast. Koshy’s play a major role in the Bangalore food circuit for decades together now, but, made be sad with their service this morning. Karthik and I were again made to wait for 25mins, as we ordered veg sandwich, when the vegetable omlettes and double fried eggs with pepper were served faster.

So the thought for the day was simple.
Never go to a Non-Veg restaurant to eat Veg food, if you go, don’t expect a better service on the Veg orders.

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Read this somewhere… Nice thought… Like it.. so sharing.. 🙂

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.

Share your views, if you like it as well.

EDIT: I googled to find.. Here is the link which takes you to few Robert Orben Quotes.

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In spite of the Recession.. I purchased some books for my collection. These purchases happened in the last 30-40 days and I’m feeling good about these books, which are mostly related to photography and advertising.
From Odyssey
1. Sanctuary by Steve McCurry – book on The Temples of Angkor
2. Monsoon by Steve McCurry – book on Monsoon In Indian Subcontinent
3. The Asia Book – a lonely planet’s edition on Asia.
4. BBC India with Sanjeeb Bhaskar – The story of India by an Indian
5. Unseen Kerala as shown by Salim Pushpanath – nice image collection from Kerala
6. Calcutta by Leena Kejriwal – Repossessing the City.
7. Kite Eye’s View India by Nicolas Chorier – Between Earth and Sky.

From Reliance Timeout
8. Stark World’s Kerala – Complete HEFTY Guide to Kerala.
9. Major Disasters of the World – Photo Stories from the world.

From Crossword
10. Biography of RK Swamy, a fellow Tamilian and Founder of RK Swamy Advertising.

From Bengaluru Habba
11. Bengaluru Mandis by BPC – a collection of frames by fellow shutterbugs of Bangalore.

When you find time, you can come home and check them.
For sure, I’m not lending any of these books. 🙂

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I wanted to write about this bit and time didn’t permit me to do so. There was a forward message, which said “India media is in the hands of all Foreign promoters”, be it Bennett & Coleman or the Times. I thought So WHAT?

But, In the current scenario, one can see the (ill) effects.
This media
1. Reported American elections as the MOTHER of all elections.
2. Showed OBAMA taking Oath for 2 hrs… Every single TV relayed live.
3. Ran Shows On SLUMDOG everyday.
4. Created a major scene on Muthalik Issue.
5. Interviews BOLLYWOOD, TOLLYWOOD and all woods possible, with discussions on size zero.
6. Forgot SATYAM SAGA and hot cake now is MK Gandhi.

Anyways my concern goes this way..
1. Why din’t they live Chandraayan when we launched from Sriharikotta? Except for DD none did it?
2. Why din’t they showcase the issues in Srilanka, where 100s dieing every other day?
3. Why don’t they forget Bollywood and other entertainment and concentrate to help find solutions for some serious issues?
4. Why don’t they be Neutral?
so.. there are so many “why don’ts” like this in my mind….
Hoping to see something better in the future.

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I started my day today at around 5.15am, as there was a mini photo shoot scheduled at Oberoi Hotels, MG Road. After a quick bath, I left home with Sarav (my temporary assistant for the shoot) and reached Oberoi, sharp at 7.00am. The light was good, the weather was damn cool and walking into the hotel with a bag and a tripod, reminded the Kasab’s posture at Mumbai.

In few minutes, after a brief intro session with Shalini (anita’s friend and an entrepreneur, owns a PR agency, incidentally she had worked with few of my clients and working with few of my clients on the PR front.), we started looking for the shoot locations in the hotel lawns, inside. The assignment was to shoot the Country Head of a Security Company, who was damn supportive and interesting to shoot. In a span of 25 minutes, i have clicked some 180 frames and shared the good ones to the client, over a cup of coffee in the hotel. Thanks Anita for the opportunity and Thanks Shalini for the Coffee.

I feel bad for my blunder, that i didn’t collect the Business Card from this Top Personality. :(. Learning from Mistakes/Experience?


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Sunday, the 18th Jan 2009 was my Birthday.
one of the cakes
The day… which adds an additional year to my age and an additional year of experience to my career.
The day started like any other Bday, with calls/messages from 12.00 midnight and went on till 1.30am. I was tired, and still awake till 1.30 thanking all the friends, answering or messaging them back.

Though Mom wanted me to get up early in the morning and go to temple, i could not do that. Sorry Ma. I went online as soon as i got up and was checking all my mails / facebook / flickr / Orkut and spent lot of time replying to the wishes and mails. The whole day, I was in Cloud nine when so many friends and well wishes called me and wished on the day. After a brief brunch, went to aanus’ athai’s place for Lunch. The Lunch was damn cool with pulav, daal, rasam, curd, 2 poriyals, Moare milakaai and super pickle. TGVenkatesh was showing his face after a long time at Bangalore and it was good spending time with TG, Chait, Aanu, Sow and Deep. A cake cutting session, a lunch, a brief photo shoot and one game of 5cards clocked at 6.00pm.

It was already time for me to plan for the dinner and calling people to Indiranagar. After a heavy discussion session, we zeroed in the Nagarjuna at Indiaranagar for dinner. A mid size dinner with the jaggu. karthik. mouli. menaga. gang and mom was good, lucky IM as 5 of 6 are vegetarians. Reached home at 12.00midnight, after a brief stint at pragyan’s place, eating some prasadham from Kalahasthi.

It was a happy 24 hrs in 2009. Here u go with the summary of what i got… 2 cakes / A shirt / A photographers Jacket / a set of books / a gift voucher / 200+ friends and their lovely calls/mails/messages, including 4 International calls.
the next day at work..

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