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In the era of 3 Idiots and Chetan Bhagat’s, peevee is too small a subject. In my honest opinion, for any artist, small or big, the major happiness lies in looking at his or her work being used, accomplished, commented, criticized but with a name tag, a simple copyright. Being in the advertising industry, i know the value of a copyright and a copyright violation.

Coming to the point, i always had a policy of sharing my images with any publication or media for FREE, only if they request me and if they can give me due credit. There are many instances, where i had bad time, when media prints images from my flickr account without my knowledge. In such situations, some friends figure out that its my image and keep a copy for me. The media which used my images without my permission, in the past includes Bangalore Mirror, Times of India and various other kannada papers and magazines.

But, I’m in a different situation since December 2009. I was chosen as the official photographer of TFN 2009 (Tour of Nilgiris 2009) through a contest. The traveler and photographer in me said quick yes for everything, including shoots planned pre-tour and post-tour. It was a great experience and an opportunity to be with so many big names in Bangalore for 8 days. Happiness is not the word. But, after day 1, when my pictures started are being published in papers without my name or a copyright, i was kinda pissed off and said what the hell. Day 2 is even bad, when DNA (one of the sponsors of TFN 09) wrote one of my images as file photo. I told myself that media works like that and will work like that forever. Then in media like Bangalore Mirror, Thejas and MyBangalore.com, my images were published without Photographers credit.

The latest addition to the list is a full page coverage on TFN 2009 in Ahmedabad Mirror, which published not 1 but 10 images without any photo credit. In my heart I felt happy that some of my images are on print, but, my head says, how will someone know that’s mine.

I had never sent any legal notice in the past, when someone used my images without permission, and will never send one. It’s a part of the game. All these wont stop me from shooting or uploading or sharing images.

Hoping for the best, As(S) an Artist.

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This season.. to keep me happy… follow these 4 simple steps..
1. View “My Rider and I” Video
2. Visit “My Rider and I” Photo story
3. Like the Images and Comment on them….
4.Forward this mail to as many people as possible… WHO CAN MAKE ME A WINNER of TFN.

Read more on TFN and why i did the Story… at http://www.tourofnilgiris.com/blog09/?p=414

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When i learnt something about TFN last year, i thought, I was not confident enough to cycle 100s of kilometers. This year, even sad, when it too late to apply when they have already finalised the set of cyclists. But, Lucky me… there is a contest for Official Photographer of TFN, which is not merely a trip to Nilgiris, not only a galore of goodies, but also an opportunity to meet great cyclists around.

The contestants are asked to submit 3 images of our choice, and I was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for the top slot. Two topics were provided to us, one the cycles perspective and other being the perspective on cycle, and we are supposed to shoot and submit images for the top position. Inspitre of some job shift and deliverables, i was able to work on Saturday last week, shooting close to 400 images. Thanks to Shwetha, for being my model and here you go with the making of “My Rider and I”.

Spend some time here, and if you like, your next stop should be LifeBlob

Like my Images… Commment and make me the WINNER. Will U? Will I? Thanks.

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What a thought man…
This was taken from a gmail status message of a friend.
“Becoming a photographer is like becoming a prostitute, first you do it for fun, then for friends, then for money.”

You have freedom to share your views. Thanks.

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Here u go with the “World’s First Camera Lens Calendar”.
World’s First Camera Lens Calendar

Picture and text from www.yankodesign.com/2009/01/27/worlds-first-camera-lens-c…

Sharad Haksar is one my fave photographers, from whom i took inspirations, years back. I used to go to Gemini Bridge in Madras only to check his new creative on the hoardings. :). Thanks Sharad.

Check more about Sharad at www.sharadhaksar.com / www.1pointsize.com

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It has always been a difficult task to write/say something about myself.
Be it an interview, a ragging session, updating a CV, write up in the profile page… i always think multiple times and end up writing nothing.

I still remember, when I was in the first year college (both during UG and PG), guys used to start like “Im basically from…” and “Actually, I like Ilayaraaja, but Rehmaan is also good”. I was no different. I must admit it is the difficult task to answer a open ended question like “tell about yourself”.

Ok… whats the connect… why should I crib about this now? Just gotta write the photographer’s profile to display during our “Thar Journal” photo exhibition.
I got some pointers to build on….
1. Advertising Professional
2. Nikonian
3. Street Photographer but click whatever i like
4. May get into full time photography sometime.

See.. what I got from there…. Thanks Mercy, for putting things together.
PeeVee is an advertising professional with a limitless passion to capture light. He never ceases to find time to pursue his creative instincts and is a hardcore Nikonian. Though he loves to click anything, his interests are inclined towards street life and documentary. A few of his accolades includes a photo shoot for an NGO for Intellectually Challenged Children, AMBA, publications in Better Photography magazine & other magazines, frequently contributing to national dailies with pictures and articles. Photography is a serious hobby for him now. Going forward, he would like to take his aspirations for photography to a professional level in the future.

Guess.. this is what is ME. 🙂

~ peevee.

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