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In the era of 3 Idiots and Chetan Bhagat’s, peevee is too small a subject. In my honest opinion, for any artist, small or big, the major happiness lies in looking at his or her work being used, accomplished, commented, criticized but with a name tag, a simple copyright. Being in the advertising industry, i know the value of a copyright and a copyright violation.

Coming to the point, i always had a policy of sharing my images with any publication or media for FREE, only if they request me and if they can give me due credit. There are many instances, where i had bad time, when media prints images from my flickr account without my knowledge. In such situations, some friends figure out that its my image and keep a copy for me. The media which used my images without my permission, in the past includes Bangalore Mirror, Times of India and various other kannada papers and magazines.

But, I’m in a different situation since December 2009. I was chosen as the official photographer of TFN 2009 (Tour of Nilgiris 2009) through a contest. The traveler and photographer in me said quick yes for everything, including shoots planned pre-tour and post-tour. It was a great experience and an opportunity to be with so many big names in Bangalore for 8 days. Happiness is not the word. But, after day 1, when my pictures started are being published in papers without my name or a copyright, i was kinda pissed off and said what the hell. Day 2 is even bad, when DNA (one of the sponsors of TFN 09) wrote one of my images as file photo. I told myself that media works like that and will work like that forever. Then in media like Bangalore Mirror, Thejas and MyBangalore.com, my images were published without Photographers credit.

The latest addition to the list is a full page coverage on TFN 2009 in Ahmedabad Mirror, which published not 1 but 10 images without any photo credit. In my heart I felt happy that some of my images are on print, but, my head says, how will someone know that’s mine.

I had never sent any legal notice in the past, when someone used my images without permission, and will never send one. It’s a part of the game. All these wont stop me from shooting or uploading or sharing images.

Hoping for the best, As(S) an Artist.

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I guess I’m gonna be so very busy during this period. Ya… the plan goes like this…
1. Lot of work
2. Work related travel
3. Travel related photography
4. Photography related work
Its a cycle, which is keeping me busy for sometime now.

As of today.. here is my schedule.
WW 47 – Traveling to Kolkata. Ranchi. Dhanbad.
WW 48 – Traveling to Delhi.
WW 48 – Traveling to Kodai and Munnar.
WW 51 – May be traveling to Nilgiris.
WW 52 – May be Roaming in Nilgiris.
WW 53 – Have to go to Chennai.
Atleast for me, Travel is always like a better half. Just TRAVEL.
Will update. Watch this space for more.

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Yesterday it was an yet another BIG day for Selvaprakash L. He was one of the awardees of the Robert Bosch Art Grant 2009 for his new work on immigrant employees in Bangalore. Congrats Selva for this feather on your crown.

The main reason behind this post is not the Award for Selva, but, the venue of the event. I must confess that, i was scared when i looked at this space (JAAGA) from outside. It was looking like a tent, but, with lot of steel fittings and light and stage. It was a different SPACE all together, created with lot of creativity. There are 3 vertical levels, all made with steel, mesh and card boards with top and sides covered with tarpaulin and flex prints. I must appreciate Bosch for accepting to use this creative space for the event. Also, have to mention the artists from Attakkalari, for their amazing performance without fear. It was a good day for me as well, as i happen to meet some known faces including Clare Arni and Mrs.Pramila Prasad. We kinda left the place at around 10.00 after dinner.

Few images here….
selva with robert bosch art grant

hope on the wall

on the move

yes its a dance compo

watching wild

Rest.. go to this place.. and check for yourselves. Map

About Jaaga
Jaaga is a shared community space that could be assembled, disassembled and then re-assembled, anytime, anywhere. Jaaga is now a cross-community collaborative experimental effort. Archana Prasad – a visual artist, Freeman Murray – a creative technologist and Naresh Narasimhan – a creative architect, formed a core group towards gathering the resources for Jaaga to become a reality. More

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Just putting those random thoughts that came to my mind from the time just before i go to bed last night to the time i was in the loo this morning.. 🙂

1. Can’t i live without my mobile phone and laptop with connectivity?
2. Why will i refer wiki or google for my doubts? How will i know, all written in wiki are right?
3. Will i be able to write anything for a friends bday card, without referring internet?
4. Can i speak any language in its pure form without mixing with any other language?
5. How will i stop eating all junk, that i end up eating on the roadsides?
6. Will i be able to cycle to work every day, keeping my bike at home?
7. Facebook? Orkut? Twitter? Flickr? gmail? Am i addicted?
8. Photography? Good or Evil?
9. BWS? BPC? BSB? BPW? BTP? why do we need all these?
10. what happened to peevee, as he is thinking all these?

just thoughts.. nothing serious.

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I believe that was the busiest and a happening weekend ever in my life. The thirteenth and fourteenth of June two thousand and nine.

this is wat i did...

Tried putting a quadraptic image here. :0
1. A mini portrait shoot for a friend of mine at the Cubbons on Saturday Morning.
2. A dance Jugalbandi by Vyjyanthi kashi, a renowned Kuchipudi danseuse & Mantap prabhakar, a famous Yakshagana performer on Saturday Evening.
3. India’s First Duathlon organised by the Fuller Life, in association with TI Cycles, off Sarjapur Road at the Inventure Academy on Sunday Morning
4. Music show by a band called "Parachute XVI" at Alliance, as a part of the ongoing Fete De La Musique (The Music Festival in French) on Sunday Evening.

I take this opportunity to thank to all friends who called me and invited to the respective events at the exact time. :). Please do watch this space for more frames from these events.

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What a thought man…
This was taken from a gmail status message of a friend.
“Becoming a photographer is like becoming a prostitute, first you do it for fun, then for friends, then for money.”

You have freedom to share your views. Thanks.

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I started my day today at around 5.15am, as there was a mini photo shoot scheduled at Oberoi Hotels, MG Road. After a quick bath, I left home with Sarav (my temporary assistant for the shoot) and reached Oberoi, sharp at 7.00am. The light was good, the weather was damn cool and walking into the hotel with a bag and a tripod, reminded the Kasab’s posture at Mumbai.

In few minutes, after a brief intro session with Shalini (anita’s friend and an entrepreneur, owns a PR agency, incidentally she had worked with few of my clients and working with few of my clients on the PR front.), we started looking for the shoot locations in the hotel lawns, inside. The assignment was to shoot the Country Head of a Security Company, who was damn supportive and interesting to shoot. In a span of 25 minutes, i have clicked some 180 frames and shared the good ones to the client, over a cup of coffee in the hotel. Thanks Anita for the opportunity and Thanks Shalini for the Coffee.

I feel bad for my blunder, that i didn’t collect the Business Card from this Top Personality. :(. Learning from Mistakes/Experience?


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For me, 2008 was not just 366 days, its 366 days of Fun and Travel. Here you go with the chronological update of what i did in 2008 on the Travel/Photography Front. This blog post may be useful for fellow shutterbugs to plan trips and other bloggers can understand what all one can do in one year time. I started off the year with a model shoot in Jan and ended at the same note this Jan as well.

January 2008:
5 – Shoot with Suruchi at the Cubbon Park.
7 – The first BWS shoot of the year, at Chitradurga, capturing the Fort and the Windmills.
12 – Misty morning at the Airport Perimeter road.
13 – Seen a Coorgi wedding at Ponnampet, Coorg with Sow, Akshath and Surendar.
14,15 – Documented the Sankaranthi, Karnataka edition at Moodbail village in Udupi, the home of Aki.
18 – Happy Birthday (I’m saying this like a school kid)
19 – Capturing the running horses at Bangalore Turf Club with Greesh.
20 – Scrap market with the gang, incidentally the last BWS shoot for Ayan.
26 – Republic day holidays at Chickmagalur, celebrated independently. Visited Belur/Halebeedu as well.

February 2008:
2 – HAL Market
2 – Participated at an exhibition with the fishing boy picture at PCA, Ahmedabad.
3 – Shining Silver beach at Cuddalore with Gautham and Divya, after visiting Thiruvandipuram temple.
9 – Early morning at Lalbagh with a breakfast at MTR.
10 – Train to Tyekal
16- City Market.
22- 3 hrs of trekking and freezing breeze at Skandagiri.
23 – Shivajinagar walk with WhichMainsWhatCross
26 – Hennur Dumpyard with Vivek and Selva.

March 2008:
2 – Russel Market
8 – Shankara Foundation on the kanakapura road, shooting kids learning kalaripayattu.
15 – Ever interesting Pottery town
22/23 – “HOLI”days at Pattadakkal, Badami and Aihole, with flying frames.

April 2008:
5/6 – Kodaikanal and Poompaarai village with Prem and gang.
13 – Gandhi Bazzaar.
21 – Whole night Karaga festival with redbull.
27 – My Third Hoysala temple visit to somnathpur after Belur/Halebeedu.

May 2008:
1 – The first ever studio shoot, at the aspect professionals studio, meeting deepika for the first time.
3/4 – Pattukottai, Tanjore and Trichy, a heavy visit to Mahendra’s place.
10/11 – Weavers at Kanchipuram and wedding at Vellore.
17 – Oficial visit to Kochi and Islands.
24 – Team outing to BR Hills, with a stay in the forest. Spotted a leopard.

June 2008:
1 – 440kms of biking to Shettihalli and Shravanabelagola.
3 – BWS shoot at the MG road, looking for pictures for environmental day on June 5.
5 – Street side, exhibit for the environmental day, at the Cubbon Park. Thanks to Jahn.Sneha.Murali.
8 – 2 days of Buddhism at Bylakuppe with shivu, greesh, raghu and subash.
18 – Official vist to Dubai, with 3 days of fun at the desert of the brick and steel.
21 – Ulsoor lake and the nomads.
28 – Shanthi Nagar Cemetery and the Slums of Shanthi Nagar.
29 – The Powerful Bangalore Pride.

July 2008:
5 – Nomads of Dasarahalli.
6 – Walking on the streets of Vivek Nagar slums.
12 – The Dogshow at Bangalore, opposite to the Garuda Mall.
20 – Mysore kite festival and the devaraj Urs Market, with a mid night shoot at the Bengali Association (Feluda play rehearsals)
26 – Back to Kodai.

August 2008:
3 – Walking on the Streets of Ulssor with Dr.Vivek.
6-16 – Thar Journal, covering Pushkar, Ajmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jaipur.
25 – Petrol stolen at the CM Road from my bike, which made to the cover page of Bangalore Mirror.
28 – A brief shoot at the Infy Electronic City Campus.
31 – Morning model shoot at Ulssor Slums with Sneha and visited Frames of Mind 2008 at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan.

September 2008:
3 – Biking to Thalankuppam, 20kms north of Madras.
6 – Back at the SOM Campus for Alumni day, the Milan 2008.
26-28 – Repromen Offset printers presented the Thar Journal, a photography exhibition.

October 2008:
2 – The WIDE frame shoot at the Cantilever Bridge, KR Puram.
5 – A raining shoot for Association for People with Disability at the Sankey Tank.
4 – Roaming around the UB City.
9-14 – the Second largest Dasara celebs at Kulasekarapattinam, also covering Manapadu, Tuticorin and Thirunelveli.
18 – One more Lalbagh/MTR Combo, this time, only for chit chatting.
24 – Trinity Church and Lakshmi’s sis wedding.
25 – Explored the Vidhan Soudha zone.

November 2008:
2 – Ooty, Coonoor and Avalanche with a stay at Lovedale.
15 – After a long break, back at Avenue Road.
16 – Apsara Theatre with Deepika.
22 – Tabebuia shoot at Cubbons.
22/23 – Taan Saints shoot at the Cauvery Theatre and IIMB campus.
29 – Off to Kolkata.

December 2008:
1-7 – Kolkata.Kaasi and Dhanbad.
20 – BWS shoot, capturing 3 churches on the eve of Christmas.
25-28 – Chennai, Kanchipuram and the Kaasimedu fishermen hamlet, 3 movies, 400kms of biking.

January 2009:
4 – A model shoot again to start this year, Kris being the model at Brigades.
10.11 – Hoysala trails, coveing 4 temples and a 500kms of bike ride.

Hmm.. so.. i have done somuch of travel and spent a lot of money, time and energy in 2008, which made me relook at this year.

Thanks fellow shutterbugs. Thanks Friends.
Thanks mom.dad.sis. and colleagues.
Thanks Dilip for sponsoring the exhibit.
Thanks one and all, who contributed even a bit for making my 2008, a great YEAR. As always, hoping and eagerly looking for “THE BEST” in 2009 as well.

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This Post is is a “postmortem” of my January post Circa 2008.
I tried to my best, to visit and capture many a locations, i wished in Jan 2008.

FYI.. Im just striking.. what all i did so far in 2008.

TamilNadu / Kerala / Karnataka / Andhra Pradesh Circuits:
1. Chennai – Pulicat – Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram – Thirukazhukundram – Uthiramerur – Vedanthangal
2. Pondicherry – Chidambaram – Gingee – Vellore – Nagappattinam – Karaikal – Thanjavur – Kumbakonam – Seerkazhi – Vaideeswarankoil
3. Thiruchirappalli – Karaikudi – Madurai – Thenkasi – Kutraalam – Kulasai – Tiruchendur – Rameshwaram – Kanyakumari
4. Ooty – Kodaikanal – Yercaud – Elagiri – Kolli hills
5. Walayar – Pollachi – Theni – Kambam – Munnar – Periyar – Thekady
6. Coimbatore – Palghat – Adhirapally – Cochin
7. Srirangapatna – Somanthpur – Mysore – Wayanad- Calicut
8. Madikeri – Bylakuppe – Mangalore – Kundapur – Udipi – Malpe – Maravante – Jog
9. Gokarna – Goa
10. Hampi – Badami – Aihole – Bagalkot – Belgaum – Bijapur – Gulbarga – Hyderabad
12. Chitradurga – Chikmagalur – Belur – Helebedu
13. Sringeri – Dharmstala – Shravanabelagola – Melkote
14. Vishakapatnam – Machilipatnam – Warangal
15. Srisailam – Mahanandi – Ahobilam – Kailasanadhakona – Suruttupalle – Talakona – Yadagirighutta

Apart form these mentioned above, the list goes like this for the REST of MY LIFE..
1. Mumbai/Pune/Ajanta
2. Pushkar/Jaipur/udaipur
3. Leh/Ladakh/Srinagar
4. Bhuj/Ahmedabad
5. Dehradun/Mussourie
6. Varanasi/Allahabad/Lucknow
7. Kolkata/Darjelling/Patna/Ranchi
8. Majoli and entire NE
9. Gwalior/Bhopal/Raipur
10. Bhubaneshwar/Puri/Cuttack

Apart from the ones mentioned above, I have also visited…
1. Pattadakal
2. Thiruvandipuram,  Cuddalore
3. Tyekal Village
4. Somnathpur
5. Kochi
6. Pattukottai
7. Dubai
8. Ajmer / Jodhpur / Jaisalmer / Bikaner
9. Manapadu / Thirunelveli / Tuticorin
10. Dhanbad

So.. the Year 2008, had been so far SO GOOD. Will update with an other blogpost with a Chronological Listing. Watch this space for MORE.


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