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This season.. to keep me happy… follow these 4 simple steps..
1. View “My Rider and I” Video
2. Visit “My Rider and I” Photo story
3. Like the Images and Comment on them….
4.Forward this mail to as many people as possible… WHO CAN MAKE ME A WINNER of TFN.

Read more on TFN and why i did the Story… at http://www.tourofnilgiris.com/blog09/?p=414

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When i learnt something about TFN last year, i thought, I was not confident enough to cycle 100s of kilometers. This year, even sad, when it too late to apply when they have already finalised the set of cyclists. But, Lucky me… there is a contest for Official Photographer of TFN, which is not merely a trip to Nilgiris, not only a galore of goodies, but also an opportunity to meet great cyclists around.

The contestants are asked to submit 3 images of our choice, and I was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for the top slot. Two topics were provided to us, one the cycles perspective and other being the perspective on cycle, and we are supposed to shoot and submit images for the top position. Inspitre of some job shift and deliverables, i was able to work on Saturday last week, shooting close to 400 images. Thanks to Shwetha, for being my model and here you go with the making of “My Rider and I”.

Spend some time here, and if you like, your next stop should be LifeBlob

Like my Images… Commment and make me the WINNER. Will U? Will I? Thanks.

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These are the exact words used by shwetha, a good friend of mine when I gave some additional information on Jayalalitha over a discussion yesterday. I was taken aback for half a minute, when these words hit my heart and hurt. But, the point she made was amazing, and i could realise the fact only after taking them to my mind.

Ofcourse, we are social animals, learn things from the society and impart them again in to the society in someway, as a cycle. Great learning for the day, to start the Month. Thanks Shwetha. Im sure, i will be conscious and keep this in mind. :).

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Bangalore Runs for a Cause. Wanna be a part of it?

This was the subject line of the mail i got this morning from a good friend of mine. It was a pleasant surprise that this lady is running for cause and especially to empower one of the small villages in Karnataka, which is just 3 hrs away from the Hi-Tech City Bangalore. Hearing from her, this village doesn’t have a proper school, doesn’t even have primary health facilities, doesn’t have proper roads, drinking water facilities, etc. Though initially i thought, i will RUN 4 FUN, now looking at seriously helping her for the Cause.

If you wish to support, reach out to her. You can check the copy of the mail for more details.
Dear Friends,
As many of you may already know, I’m running in the Sunfeast World 10km Marathon to be held on 31st May 2009!!!

The purpose of me running in this marathon is to raise funds for a project by the Sambhava Foundation, which entails working towards the development of the village “Kupa Chari Ropa” near Madhugiri. Having been to “Kupa Chari Ropa” with Dr. Meena Jain the founder of the Sambhav Foundation, I strongly want to support this cause and see Sambhav make this goal become a reality.

So please help me support this cause, because I know that together we can make this happen! Let’s work towards the dream of the development of this village. Your pledge, not the amount, is important to me. So feel free to donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.

Below are the various options that you can use to get across your pledge to us. Please note that all donations are exempted under IT Section 80G.

1. Here’s the link to my page: Shwetha You can register online and pledge your support.

2. Cheque/DD in the name of “Sambhav Foundation” mailed to:
#1366 Basement, 4th Cross, 1st stage,
2nd phase, Chandra Layout,
Bangalore – 560 040

3. You can also contact me and hand over the money.

Shwetha / shwethasom@yahoo.com

PS: For more information about the cause please visit Sambhava KCR and can also visit Sambhava Foundation.
If you require additional information about Sambhav Foundation you can contact me and I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

peevee / 99455 16333.

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